Welcome to the New RJ’s Corner..RJC HomePage Image Aug 2 2015

Welcome to the Expanded version of RJ’s Corner.  With this new design I have integrated my five different blogs into one. If in the past you have only frequented one or two of my blogs I hope you enjoy the expanded offering.  I believe the new format shows off my words and pictures better. I hope you agree.  I have a lot to say about a wide variety of topics. :)

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Here are the five blogs being integrated into this new site:

  • Question Everything is basically the old RJ’s Corner where I speak my mind about many different issues.
  • About Life is my take on the world around us. A big part of it is RJ’s Life – An Autobiography which is just old time story telling about my life. In it was previously “That Wise Guy”.  I try to write it with a good dose of self-mocking humor.
  • In Search Of America is my blog about road trips throughout America with camera in hand.  I have actually been to all fifty States and have over 18,000 photos to prove it.  I travel mainly with history in mind.
  • Creativity is all about creativity, where I discover it and create some of my own. It is definitely about thinking outside the box. In its earlier state this category was included in “MyMindsEye“.
  • Inspirational  is about what interests me spiritually. Like so many today I say I am spiritual but not religious. This category tells you why. It is about the theological and philosophical side of life and includes  a pointer to my now archived “RedLetterLiving” blog which was a ten year journey I made it trying to see how well current religions do at following the words and commands of Jesus Christ.


Navigational Aids
  • There are five basic categories of posts as described above. When you click on any of these category labels a dropdown menu will show you the subcategories. All posts have categories but not all have subcategories so if you want to see the entire category click on the title itself (or click on the highlighted words in the descriptions above).
  • When you select a topic via the header bar you go into a group view mode. If you want to see more detail or want to view or leave a comment just click on the title of the post and you will go into the individual post mode where you can do that.
  • Another way to search the blog posts is via the Tags or the search box shown in the footer.