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Trip Log – Last Entry

We left Kansas yesterday and made a dash for home.  I guess we were just getting too antsy to get back to our home digs and out of the daily hotel-to-hotel mode.  We made it back last night… Read More

Trip Log – KS Capital, Brown vs… ,KC

                                    We started off today with our usual trip the the State capital. Of course, for Kansas that was Topeka. It turned out that the… Read More

Trip Log – What about Kansas??

 Ok, after today here is my short description of Kansas: hot cows, wind farms, oil,  amber waves of grain and………Ike. Until now I have always thought of Kansas as the State where you get across it as fast… Read More

Trip Log – Thoughts of Colorado

I have been thinking about how to summarize our visit to Colorado and here it is.   Colorado is probably the most diverse State we have been to in several different aspects. Of course the terrain is diverse. There… Read More

Fort Bent and Kansas….

             As I mentioned last night we found a reconstructed fort in eastern Colorado to visit today.  I have been looking for a plains fort like this for the whole trip and am I… Read More

Trip Log – Found a fort and a chimney

              After looking over all the literature we had collected at the Colorado visitor’s center I did find a reconstructed plains fort. It is located near La Junta Colorado which is in… Read More

Trip Log – Mesa Verde National Park

             We spent today in Mesa Verde National Park.  That is the park in SW Colorado where the indian cliff dwellers once lived.  They lived there about 1000 AD so it was many… Read More

Trip Log – Durango RR Trip

                    Today we drove a total of 3.6 miles. It was good to be out of the car all day for a change. We boarded the Train into the… Read More

Trip Log – Ouray Colorado!!

              Boy did I misjudge the trip today when I was planning it yesterday. It turned out the Durango was still 110 miles away, not the 50 I estimated! And much of… Read More

Trip Log – Colorful Colorado

                   We left Salina Utah this morning but not before we went back and got a picture of Mom’s Cafe and downtown Salina (all 12 buildings). :)  We then hopped onto… Read More


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