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Another rich guy’s case for higher taxes

Source: A rich guy’s case for higher taxes. To give you a little background on the rich guy this article talks about here is a quote introducing piece. Like Warren Buffett, David Levine — retired executive, student of the… Read More

The Faith of our Founding Fathers… continued

This is a continuation of a post I did in March 2009 on my blog at RedLetterLiving.net This is a continuation of the last post where I covered George Washington’s religious beliefs. I will conclude this topic by… Read More

A Mind Is a Terrible Thing To Waste…..

When a fellow don’t have much mind it don’t take him long to make it up. – November 3, 1935  Will Rogers As Will mentions here it doesn’t seem like many today have much mind and what they… Read More

And The Ranting Goes On….

Source: NYT: NRA gathers amid storm over gun laws – US news – The New York Times – msnbc.com. Simply put gang, when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. You will NEVER take mine. I am NOT… Read More

Some of the Things We Celebrate….

Some of the things we celebrate tend to be a double edged sword.  I recently say a TV program celebrating the multi-million dollar restoration of a home at Newport Rhode Island.  Newport was one of the areas known… Read More

No Good Horse Traders…..

All there is to politics is trading. That’s why politics is not as good as it was years ago. They don’t have as many old-time horse traders in there. These we got are just amateurs. They’re crude with… Read More

Monied Corporations…. Even Then….

I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country.  — Thomas Jefferson These… Read More

Is the Republican Party Insuring Its Own Demise??

Is the Republican Party insuring its own demise by it continuing to focus on a narrower and narrower core group.  I want to believe this is the case as the alternative is that we as a country are… Read More

The Faiths of Our Fathers…..

This is a post I did in March 2009 on my blog RedLetterLiving.net related to whether we are founded as a Christian nation as so many conservatives seem to say. I will finish it up next Sunday. There… Read More

The Passing of an Era…..

Source: AT&T sheds directories, advertising business | Mobile – CNET News. The assets that AT&T is selling include the Yellow Pages directories… Things are in constant change now days. Sometime the pace is dizzying indeed.  Of course telecommunications is… Read More


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