Olympia Snowe leaving the Senate….

January 7, 2013

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I have been feeling gloomy lately; I wonder why?  Everything runs in cycles, but our congress it seems, so hopefully my outlook will swing back to something more normal soon.

There are not many in Washington that I look up to anymore but Olympia Snowe was one of them.  Those two ladies from Maine always given me hope that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. Senator Snowe usually put the country above party when it came to  the many partisan votes of recent years. She has become a rare breed in that respect. She was one of the few Republicans who voted against impeachment of President Clinton because she knew it was only being done for political reason.

Senator Snowe is only the latest of many voices of reason that have left office due to frustration of gridlock. Here are some words from the article about that:

Source: Olympia Snowe leaving the Senate, but says she won’t stop fighting – Washington Post.

Olympia Snowe“The system has been perverted in the United States Senate,” she said. “It doesn’t let us work together to design solutions to the problems facing this great country of ours at this troubling time.

She’s especially critical of Obama and congressional leaders who are “going to put the country through this emotional travail, whip-sawing Americans, leaving them to wonder as to whether or not they have the capacity to work together” to avoid the impending “fiscal cliff,” the series of tax increases and major spending cuts set to take effect next year.

What will become of our country when all the moderates have left in frustration? I fear to think of the consequences. I can only pray that we can as usual move back to the center soon. If moderation and its resulting compromise doesn’t return soon I fear our country is toast. Pretty dark words even from me.

Goodbye Olympia, it is sad to see you go but I certainly understand your reasons….