6 responses to When Technology Surpasses Human Interaction….


    Wow! How did he know that’s exactly what is happening now in 2014?
    Oh yeah, he was a genius :-)


    Yeah, E=mC 2 was only the tip of his iceburg… :)


    And yet, technology is what allows for this blog of your’s RJ, which very much involves interaction between humans you would not reach otherwise. As with almost every single aspect of life, there is good and not so good. The challenge is to manage both in a way that allows for more good than not so good.


      Right on Tamara!! Nothing is black/white is it? You could call it the yin/yang of technology or maybe the good, the bad, and the ugly.


    I am not sure that Einstein said this. But he died more than 30 years before I was born, so maybe I am wrong. I found a post about this quote on a site called “Quote Investigator”