About Me

RJ Avatar 3My name is RJ Walters. I am a prolific blogger. I make no apologies about that. While many are glued to their TVs following the latest sports event I am in no way one of them. Instead I am at my computer blogging. Some say I have a somewhat unique perspective on life and have a talent for talking about it.  I humbly think that gift shows up here. I blog about my experiences in life via words and pictures. I hope you get a little pleasure from browsing these pages.
Now a little personal history:

  • I am a senior citizen although I don’t feel like one. The About Life  category above is about living in my senior years.
  • I live a fairly frugal but fulfilling life. I don’t take extravagant vacations and such but my wife and I do frequent road trips. Find all that stuff in the Travels category.
  • I am an altruist to my soul so volunteering a couple of days a week at a local soup kitchen/ homeless shelter is just what comes naturally.
  • I spent thirty years in the corporate world as an engineer. Half of it as an electrical engineer and the other half as an IT (information technology) guy.
  • Empathy is one of my primary foundations in life so I often blog about it here.
  • I am an avid follower of the messages Jesus Christ but I don’t necessarily call myself Christian as I think that word has lost much of its meaning over the years.
  • I am a big fan of Will Rogers who was a satirist during the 1930s. He had a unique ability to poke fun at the people of his time (particularly the politicians). I try to emulate his style on this blog. Look for that in the Quotes category
  • I am deaf but that is not who I am. It is just an affliction that I must cope with on a daily basis. I went deaf at about forty years of age due to a congenital disease. I share some of those experiences via the About Life category.
  • Like all of us, I am a person who is composed of all the experiences of my life. This is what I write about. I like poking fun at people but I always try to treat them with respect while doing it. Unlike so many today I try not to have a mean-spirited bone in my body.