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I am a lifelong U.S. history nut so of course Thomas Jefferson is one of my heroes. I have read extensively about him over the years and have accumulated quite a library of quotes. I will admit that when it comes to slavery he has a dark side but don’t we all to one degree or another.  I treat my heroes as human and not gods in that regard.  They have wisdom to offer the ages but they are not pure in every respect. One of the reasons that Jefferson is my hero is because he was a free-thinker in his days. He said things that others where not courageous enough to say. I think I am kind of like him in that regard. Maybe recklessly so.

Although I have already done so to a limited degree I will be presenting even more quotes from Jefferson on this blog. We need lessons from as many wise men as we can during these trying times. One of the purposes of these posts will be to dispel some of the myth that has grown around the man. One of those myths is that Jefferson wanted our young country to be a Christian nation. Jefferson was spiritual but not a Christian, as least as we know it today. He definitely would not be welcomed in many of the 39,000 different versions of Christianity around today. When he wrote about separation of church and state he did more so to protect our young nation from the influences of religious zealots rather than the other way around. I will be producing many quotes around this fact and many other generally unknown aspects of the man in the coming months.

In that regard I have set up a special category for Jefferson. It is located in the Quotes header at the top of this blog. I hope you enjoy or are at least informed by my decision to add more Jefferson to my repertoire here.

If you care to browse past posts in this area just go to the “Quotes” category at the top of this blog and hit the button entitled “Jefferson Quotes”.  Jefferson left a large legacy of written documents. His library is the foundation for our current Library of Congress.

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