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Here’s To You Shirley…

February 11, 2014


Shirley Temple, along with Will Rogers were the mega-stars during the 1930s. They both brought a little bit of comfort to people during the Great Depression. Shirley died this week at the age of 85. She was a star both in her childhood and as an adult.

More Birds Of Winter

February 8, 2014

Birds of Winter II 002


There must be one-hundred cardinals at our feeder today.  I think they sense that more snow is coming. But they are not the only ones here. As you can see the hairy woodpeckers have joined the crew at the suet cakes.   The more the merrier….

I have downloaded some larger photos this time. Click on the image to see it in more detail.

Dreaming Of Spring…

February 8, 2014

Prophetstown 002

This picture has been on my desktop screen for some time now. I’m dreamin of Spring…….


February 7, 2014

Waiting 002

At The Feeder 002

The temps went to -14 degrees last night. When that happens our backyard feeder becomes a frenzied state the next morning. The top picture is of the many cardinals and blue jays waiting in the old apple tree for their time at the feeder below.  We go through about 80 lbs of seed a week when snow blankets everything.

Here We Go Again…..

February 5, 2014

2014-02-04_16-25-07Snow Again 002

Here we go again. Round number (I can’t even remember). They say it is snowing at about one inch per hour as I am writing this post and when it is published we are supposed to have up to a foot of snow on the ground!

I can’t remember what it feels like to really be warm anymore. My desktop on my computer screen is of a wildflower meadow. It is the only thing that is keeping me sane right now. :)

The generator is back on the front porch just in case the predicted ice happens to knock our power again……

This weather might even convince my wife to become a snow bird but I seriously doubt it…..


Winds Of Change….

January 15, 2014



Are you a builder of walls or windmills?


Jan 2014 Snow sm


Another snow for us here in Indiana. It seems to have stuck to just about everything.