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What Is This ??

Hay Press

When I came across this contraption at the O’Bannon State Park in southern Indiana I had no idea what it was about. But a couple hours later there was a full-blown demonstration with oxen and all .  It is a hay press from the 1800’s. Back then they didn’t have hay balers as we have today so basically this screw machine pressed the hay into tighter bundles so more could be put in the barn.

Mills of Bygone Days…

Like so much around today the rural mills are fast becoming a thing of the past. I guess at the corporate farm level they take their grain directly to their corporate supplies.   I found this mill about 40 miles east of Amarillo Texas this spring.

Texas Mill

One thing that spreads across the U.S. landscape are distressed rural buildings.  Now that corporations pretty much have taken over the old small farm buildings have been abandoned. I have more than 800 photos to help document them before they are all gone.

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These Old Barns…

I wonder what this structure has been during its life?

Somewhere in the Hinterland – Barn

If Thomas Jefferson had his way we would still be a nation of farmers. He simply did not trust the monied interests in his time.



One of my long time hobbies is to take pictures of barns, that is the old wooden barns of the past. This is a prime example of an elegant one in the Midwest.

Northern Wisconsin – The old wooden barn

Wooden barns were common a century ago when a much larger portion of the population was on the farm. This particular barn was from my wife’s distant relatives. That is about all that is left of this old homestead.

Favorite Barn Picture….

Barn Picture FavoriteOctober 2009 — This is one of my favorite barn pictures and I have over a thousand of them. It was taken in central Wisconsin


Newest Banner

Re-purposed Barn…Here is a re-purposed barn that evidently needs to be re-purposed again. It was taken in October 2009 in northern Wisconsin

Another Barn…

One more barn for Photo Saturday before I move to another subject. This one was taken somewhere in July in Kansas I think.


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