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After a very restful month and a half I am back to blogging again. I wanted to give my full attention to appreciating the Spring season this year and I did just that. But blogging is part of my DNA, I can’t not do it.

Let me drop the second shoe now, I am back to blogging but just not here.  RJ’sCorner has been going strong for 5+ years. It is time for a change, a very basic change.  As I get older I find our times and particularly our politics just too depressing to continue posting in that mode.

Since a big part of this blog has revolved around politics I decided to start fresh instead of continuing here.  I know I will lose some readership by this basic change but frankly I think it is necessary to divorce myself from the mud of politics.  This will likely be my final post here. Since I am still getting dozens of views here even without posting I will leave it up for a while.


I am hoping that many of you will join me over at ThatWiseGuy This new blog will be more of a journal type theme revolving around my life stories but with some “off the top” things about today and of course mentions of my heroes. This new blog will also by about you sharing your stories with me and my readers. I know generally that only about one in forty or less comment on a typical blog post. I am hoping to break that trend so please join me with your stories to tell. I think we can all have some fun with this new format.

I was inspired to make this move by Thomas Jefferson. Three years after he left the presidency he totally gave up on the politics of his time. He spent the last twenty years or so of his life concentrating on the classics and his many letters to friends and family. I hope to do the same.  But I will never consider this new blog a success until you guys get involved.

It has been an interesting five years here and I want to thank each and every one of you who came by for a visit and especially those who hung around for a while.

Goodbye from RJsCorner

And welcome to ThatWiseGuy

I am taking some time off from my blogs to get some perspective back into my life.  See you soon, I hope…

The Terrorism Paradox

April 23, 2015

Provoking an overreaction is one of terrorists’ goals; the West has succumbed to that temptation more than once. But there is no choice but to react when alienated jihadists detonate homemade bombs in Boston, hack off heads in London, and launch commando attacks on magazines and kosher supermarkets in Paris. Will modernity ultimately outsmart and outlast Dark Age fundamentalism? We will not have a final answer for decades.

SOURCE: The terrorism paradox.

The above quote is a very fundamental question in today’s world. It comes down to do we fight evil with evil or do we rise above it and stick to our version of morality? Do we give up another protected freedom in order to feel safe from another nut job on the other side of the world?

The very definition of terrorism is about striking fear in someone. In that regard the terrorists have won at least a few battles in America. We allow our government to spend trillions of dollars when much less could accomplish more. We build more $100 million dollars planes when small strategical strike teams would be more effective. We are just too fearful of what might happen if we choose a different path.  Maybe that is because except for killing each other in our civil war we have never been exposed to war on our land.  Maybe we need to learn some lessons from our British and French neighbors. Be prepared but don’t go completely overboard with our fear.

Yes, 9/11 was a tragic event but in reality forty-two times the number killed that day have died since because of drunk driver fatalities with little or no notice.Why is that? If we allow our fear to dictate to us then the terrorists have accomplished their mission.

It is as simple as that….


Anxiety is tough, isn’t it? Not just for the people that have it, but for you – the people that stick with them – while they’re going through it. It’s emotionally taxing on both ends, it’s physically demanding at times, and of course mentally demanding most of the time.

Plans have to be changed to accommodate the anxiety. Situations have to be avoided at times. Planning has to be just that bit more thorough. Emotional needs can change daily. It’s a lot to work through, and it can be hard to get in their head to understand on top of that.

SOURCE: 13 Things to Remember If You Love A Person With Anxiety.

This is another LifeHack post that drew me in. No, I am not the anxious one but I am married to one. In our twenty-nine years of marriage she has gotten sick before every vacation we have taken. She just doesn’t want to be away from her nest.  Most of the time she will eventually overcome her anxiety and we manage to take some time away from home. But several times we have had to cut the trip short due to an illness that almost always gets better once she is home.

Loving a person with anxiety is hard. The thirteen things to remember in the article above will be helpful to all those others out there that love a person with anxiety.

I am bringing over a series of posts for my Sunday entries from my now inactive blog over at RedLetterLiving. This is the last of a six-part series from about a year ago about the importance of the Bible in my spiritual life. After a ten-year study I finally understand what millions of other have discovered before me…. It’s about Jesus, not the Bible…

Religious Diversity…

April 12, 2015

I am bringing over a series of posts for my Sunday entries from my now inactive blog over at RedLetterLiving. This is the fifth of a six-part series from about a year ago about the importance of the Bible in my spiritual life. After a ten-year study I finally understand what millions of other have discovered before me…. It’s about Jesus, not the Bible…

What About The Bible… ? (Chapter 5)

Cell PhoneI used to mourn the fact that there are almost 40,000 different versions of Christianity around today. But, in reality maybe I should celebrate that statistic. At least it shows that we are all trying to find the heart of God. But the problem with this is that we end up picking the type of God we want. I don’t think that is really how God wants it to be but it seems that is the way it is for most of us. Some choose to try to discover God on our own. Some take the lazy way of just latching onto a version that is close enough to their reality or maybe they choose the “easiest” God that doesn’t interfere with their current lifestyle.  Some take it to a deeper and more personal journey.

Diversity seems to be the best we can do right now. For whatever reason God has chosen not to make his presence unquestionably known to us. But it sure would be nice to get a signal from him as to who among us has it at least a little right.  He doesn’t have to turn off the sun as he supposedly did in the Old Testament. How about just sending a text message to every cell phone in the world all at the same time? That sure would be helpful in knowing what he wants us to do on this earth.

Yeah, I know there are some out there that are screaming “JUST READ THE BIBLE!!!” But what version of the Bible do I read? Do I read about the God who demands constant blood sacrifices. Do I read about the God who allows, some say even commanded, genocide?   Do I read about the God who told us to pick up snakes as proof that we are true believers? Or do I believe the God of Love as personified in my interpretation of the Bible. Just reading the Bible is what got us in all these 40,000 versions in the first place so forgive me if I don’t think that is a real answer.

What it means to be a Christian is presently an open book with thousands of different paths.  It seems the best we can do is to passionately search for God on a very personal level and live out our lives with that  personal epiphany if we do find it. I personally choose to pick those words of Jesus about being our brother’s keeper and about loving God and loving each other as his message to me.  To me all the other stuff around today is just smoke and mirrors that just blur my vision of him.

Others may choose a vengeful god who is looking for any reason to condemn us to hell. Others may choose a god who asks them to just say the right words and then get a fire insurance policy to redeem when they eventually die. Other may choose the god of infinite rules and regulations. But for me, I choose the God of Love….

But it sure would be nice to get a text message from God himself letting me know if I kinda got it at least a little right…..