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New Harmony, IN – Utopia

The idea of a perfect community where everyone is treated the same and everyone has the same opportunities to better themselves has always be a goal for the dreamers among us. New Harmony Indiana was the home of two separate such community building attempts. It has a very interesting history which I will be getting into soon over at RJsCorner.net.

Accusations Against Famous People…

2014-12-02_08-27-55During a recent interview, the former supermodel broke down while talking about how the alleged rape has affected her. “I’m strong, and I’m gonna stand on my own two feet, and I’m going to tell my side of the story,” the 59-year-old told CNN. “It’s not going to end here.” SOURCE:  Watch Janice Dickinson Tearfully Discuss Her Sexual Assault Allegation Against Bill Cosby | TIME.

It certainly saddens me to see such a comic icon’s image tarnished. I know and thoroughly believe in the concept “innocent until proven guilty” but I can also understand how the powerful among us can get away with things  that we common folks simply can’t. It seems there is so much smoke around the Cosby issue for it to be totally false. I can certainly see where a teenage girl would be reluctant to say anything about a famous person abusing her as so many are now accusing him of doing. I hope these things are not true but it is hard to ignore the magnitude of the accusations.

This brings back similar issue from years ago. When Anita Hill, who was and still is a respected college professor  came out with accusations against the then Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas.  Her accusations of sexual harassment were summarily ignored. People didn’t want to hear about an important person nominated for a lifetime position on the highest court in the land having a dark side. Sadly for all of us  Mr. Thomas was approved and now sits on the Supreme Court as by far the least active member ever of that court. He is simply occupying a seat on the very conservative side of the spectrum and nothing more.  With or without the harassment issue it was a tragic mistake to allow him to take up a valuable seat on that august body for decades to come.

It is hard to accept that anyone who we might look up to has a dark side but in reality all of us to one degree or another have one. I don’t know if Mr. Cosby will ever admit to any of these past acts? Being a famous celebrity almost always comes with an inflated ego who thinks he has privileges where others don’t.  It is extremely difficult for anyone to bring up accusations against someone famous, especially when hard evidence is not immediately available.

New York City, NY – Underground

With millions of people packed together in such a small space the underground transportation system is a must.  The above is a picture of the trains below the Grand Central Terminal. I don’t know how they manage to move so many people daily but without it NYC would probably not exist…

The Less You Know….

2014-11-24_15-03-15“I am kind of like a politician. The less I know about anything, the more I can say about it.” – Will Rogers, 12 June 1928

I’m kind of like a politician myself Will. One of my favorite quotes is “You don’t have to know what you are saying as long as you say it with authority”. That should be the mantra for most of those politicians inside the beltway. Too many of those yahoos like to strut around like they are experts on everything but in reality they let the lobbyists with the biggest purse tell them what to say and believe.

Its time we started sending some “real” people to that totally fake city… :)

Northern Indiana – The American Farm

The American farm has changed drastically in my lifetime. Farming used to be a family oriented thing especially in our earlier years. Now most of our agricultural goods are produced by corporations of various sizes. The barn above is endemic of those earlier years. It, like the idea of the family farm, has seen its better days.

Being Still ….


Human mind works in a funny way, its basic nature is that of rebellion and the more you try to tame it, the more it gets out of control. Try keeping it fixed at a particular spot for a few minutes and you will understand the point am trying to make here at an experiential level. There are so many times wherein i have just wanted to be quiet, silent in all 3: physical, vocal and mental levels. By being quiet, I don’t mean draining my mind of all thoughts, for that stage is way high up in one’s spiritual journey. I simply mean being equanimous towards the thoughts/emotions that cross my mind, simply being a observer and not reacting. However, this seemingly simple thing of being still is so tough to get in action….

In The About Me Tab:

 I hope that i can raise myself to such a level of purity and integrity so as to have the courage to stand up for my principles as and when required. Most of my thoughts/principles/ideas are still getting shaped and my writing would demonstrate just that. Also, as of now, I feel stifled by even the mere thought of binding myself down with one ideology and thus, i keep jumping from one to another, keeping points i connect to and ignoring the rest. SOURCE: Being Still – Learning’s from a tree | Just A Crazy Dreamer.

I think I have found a new kindred spirit on the Internet. His name is NAKUL ARORA and he is a young man in India trying to live out his calling. I browsed through several of his posts today and he has much the same questions about life as I do. He is now on my Feedly list for a daily read. I love the picture above from his blog header. I imagine that he is the one in the center of the picture. In his youth he quit the life path that was expected of him in order to follow his dreams. I wish I had done the same. One of the first things to draw my attention to the picture is the diversity of teeth among this young group. It is refreshing to see that physical beauty, some might say sameness,  does not drive all the countries in the world.

He claims to be “a die-hard patriot and appalled by the state of things in my country, I wanted to do something…”

I will be following this young man and probably re-blogging some of his words. The words above about simply being quiet spurred all kinds of thoughts in me. It is similar to the concept of “centering down” common among my Quaker friends.  My mind, I’m sure like his is in constant thought about things of the world. Just being quiet and observing instead of judging is a hard thing for me to accomplish.  I do it on occasion but frequently just can’t manage to do that. With this young man’s words and thoughts I hope to accomplish this more often.  I hope he spurs me into thinking about things in a different way.  We all need to be shaken from our complacency once in a while.


Bishop Hill IL - Sweedish Lutherans-2Bishop Hill, IL – A Lutheran Community

Bishop Hill, which is located in central Illinois is an interesting place to visit. It early citizens were almost entirely Lutherans who were escaping persecution in Sweden because they dared to believe differently than the norms of the day.  Religious tolerance is very much at the heart of America. We don’t, except for a few incidents, persecute someone for their religious beliefs.

Triune God….

2014-12-04_11-12-50Those of us who are Christians have been taught about a triune God also called the Trinity. Over the years I have come to form my own visions about just what that means. I am going to share them with you here. But, before I do I am not trying to convince you that I am right or you are wrong about your spiritual beliefs. Some of us choose different paths to our heavenly links.

The Trinity is supposed to be made up of three different entities: God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit. I first learned about this concept in a Catholic primary school via Jesuit nuns and priests. In telling young kids about this it was necessary to keep it as simple as possible. To try to teach the concept more fully would be like trying to teach first century citizens about DNA. They were not ready to understand that twenty-first century finding.

Lets get into the nature of a triune God at least as I have come to understand it today.

God the Father – … the essence of the universe and anything beyond that…

God the Son –  … the physical manifestation of God so that we could more easily relate to him and to learn what he wanted to teach the first century citizens….

God the Holy Spirit – … the spiritual presence of God constantly in our thoughts and minds…

To me these words pretty well sum up the three person concept of God but I am going to stretch this some so as to probably make some of my Christian friends uncomfortable.

My brother-in-law sees God in nature but not so much in person and that is fine with me. I think all of us except for the most stubborn avowed atheists among us can see a divine presence in the order of nature. It is just too structured to be otherwise.  God, whatever form he is, created the world and his physical laws continue to maintain it. That being is God the Father

Was Jesus Christ the only being in human form used by God to teach us lessons in life. I personally doubt that he was. There have likely been several others but maybe not with the significance of Jesus. The “Son of God” was a commonly used phrase in Jesus’ times to indicate prophets and such. Even Roman rulers used that term to identify themselves.  I personally think of Jesus as the Son of God but can understand others who might think others also fit that title.

God the Holy Spirit is what is in each of us that innately tells us what is right and wrong. It is that presence that keeps us from doing things we know we should not do. The Holy Spirit is an important part of our souls. Does God continue to communicate with us via the Holy Spirit? I believe he does just as much today as he did two thousand years ago. It is just that we now manage to tune out those messages. Some religious institutions even go to the point of questioning whether our personal spiritual messages come from God or the devil. Some say that the Holy Spirit stopped giving us lessons when the last original apostle died.

I do believe in a triune God who is present in nature, in lessons taught, and within our personal beings. Past theologians have tried to make it mysterious but to me the concept of a triune God is really not that hard to understand…

Not Knowing — Bliss….

Bob Segar Knowing-1

Yeah me too. One thing I have discovered from my long life is Ignorance is bliss more times than not..


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