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FEAR Is A Powerful Motive, Especially To The GOP Base…

Never let it be said that the Republican Party is not responsive to its voters. Just two months ago, many of the GOP candidates for president, including Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio, were saying that the… Read More

The 25%….

While 80 percent of mainline Protestant pastors see Pope Francis as a true Christian, only 58 percent of evangelical preachers agree. Source: Do Pastors Trust Pope Francis on Theology? New Survey Reveals How Preachers Responded When Asked if… Read More

Fear # 4 – Social Security Will Disappear

Only 20 percent of Americans believe there will be enough money left when it’s time for them to retire. To fix the problem, some people believe Social Security should allow means testing, where benefits are based on a… Read More

Free-Range Kids??

Peanut allergies are one of the most common forms of food allergy among American children. And the last two decades have seen a dramatic rise in the number of cases. It’s estimated that today 2 percent of all… Read More

About Our Defense Budgets… An Historic Perspective..

Total U.S. defense spending (in inflation-adjusted dollars) has increased so much over the past decade that it has reached levels not seen since World War II, when the United States had 12 million people under arms and waged… Read More

Let’s Talk About Our Fears…

Fear is perhaps the most dominant emotion in our society today and it seems especially among white population in the southern States.  Everyone outside that area recognizes that the “red” States are for the most part very conservative, rural,… Read More

How we went to the Dark Side…

This is terrorism’s sick genius. Terrorists invite us — seduce us — to share their Manichaean worldview, to respond to savagery with savagery, to join them in madness. “Make us safe!” Americans demanded. And so our elected leaders… Read More

Afraid Of Being A Minority…

The white majority in the U.S. will be outnumbered by Americans of other races by 2042, eight years sooner than previously projected by the Census Bureau. SOURCE: U.S. White Population Will Be Minority by 2042, Government Says –… Read More

A Life Half Lived….

You want to be free. And as you start to feel that you are being corralled into a certain life, you kind of push against it. It may come out very strange, it may be interpreted wrong, but… Read More

The Thing About Iraq….

This is going to be one of my soapbox posts so be warned. Iraq is back in the news now with the latest insurgence. It seems the Shiite Muslims just don’t want to go down without a fight… Read More

Fear vs. Love….

A theology based on this fear seldom inspires great acts of compassion and service. When we live in constant fear of divine rejection, we focus all our attention on securing our survival. Sadly, this self-absorption only leads us… Read More

Policemen acquitted in beating death of homeless man

Prosecutors had accused the two officers, who approached Thomas near a bus depot in July 2011 to question him about reports of vandalized cars, of turning a routine police encounter into an unnecessary and savage beating that cost… Read More

I Am Weird…..

I admit up front that for my generation It seems I am just weird. I am the first of the baby boomers and I am now officially a senior citizen. Being a senior citizen I am told by… Read More

About Fear & Hate….

I want to add one further thought about fear while it is fresh on my mind.  There is another basic emotion that outweighs fear as being more destructive to any person or society and that is hate. What… Read More

About Fear….. Some Closing Thoughts

This is my last post about fear at least for a little while. It has run its course in my mind. I want to finish up here with some personal thoughts about fear and the consequences of fear…. Read More

About Fear…. One of Many Manifestations of Fear

This is a continuation of the topic of fear and how it drives so much of our country and world. I have been cruising some of the “gun rights” websites lately.  The reason I am paying attention to this… Read More

About Fear…. Its Causes??

Fear is as engrained in us as any of our emotions. I guess it goes back to our caveman days of fearing for our lives in a very dangerous world. For some odd reason I have been thinking… Read More

Living Too Long….

I only fear that I may live too long. This would be a subject of dread to me –  Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson is not alone in this subject of dread.  I personally have already seen this too… Read More

Why U.S. politics devolves into good vs. evil

Source: Why U.S. politics devolves into good vs. evil – USATODAY.com. It is so much easier to hate someone when you are able to put the “evil” label on them.  It makes everything they do wrong and everything you… Read More

Driven By Fear….

Fear is a very strong emotion that should never rule our lives. When it does it pulls everything else out of whack. Let’s look at some of the different things that many people fear. Since this is a… Read More


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