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The GOP Scowl…

January 11, 2014

Scrooge** Falling Off The Wagon **

I know I have sworn off politics but I just couldn’t resist this one.:)

Even though I have for the most part given up on watching political stuff on the cable news networks I am regularly exposed to it because my wife continues to have it on for her “entertainment”. She just loves to scream about all those idiot things politicians say. So whenever I pass through the living room I see another one often ranting about this or that. I went by while ago and saw an older white guy, so I assume he was a Republican, and even though I did not see the captions for his words his scowl was typical of many in that party. :)

I don’t know, maybe a scowl is part of the requirements for membership now? it could part of their freshman training when they come into Washington. The scowl just seems to be a natural for almost all those yahoos. I wonder if they spend time every morning in front of a mirror practicing? Being that it is the Christmas season I thought I would put up a picture of the ultimate scowler and that is Ebenezer Scrooge.

GOPBe forewarned that in this post I am attempting in some meager way to come to the defense of the Republican party that I seem to rail against so frequently.

It is a mistake to link the current right-wing ideologues to the conservative movement or even the Republican party in general. They are not the same. The core of the Tea Party is libertarian in nature and focused on shutting down all forms of government and to destroy the American safety net that has been in place for the last century or so.  The conservative movement, of which in some respects I am a member, is about waste and fraud and doing things economically without growing the debt.

Ideologues scream we are destroying their freedoms but never defined just what they mean by freedom. It seems they mean whatever takes money out of their pockets is taking away their freedom. As shown in the picture just to the right of this post they don’t believe they have any obligation to the society that sustains them. They think that somehow all the services they take for granted such as police/fire protection, good roads, infrastructure, safe food and work environments and a myriad of other things should not cost them any of their time or money. That is not at the core of the past Republican party that I once voted with.

The next couple of years are very important to the GOP. Will they continue to implode into a very narrow philosophy of “us vs. them” or will they start broadening their base and jettisoning the right wing-nuts currently dominating attention.

  • Will they go the way of the Whig party?
  • Will they finally ease up on their obsession with “below the belt” issues?
  • Will they jettison those in their party who see government as an evil instead of the people’s representatives doing the people business?
  • Will they jettison those who espouse white supremacy who joined them when they abandoned the Democrats in the 1950s and 60s due to the Civil Rights movement?
  • Will they quit their eternal obsession of fear and anger and instead move on to compassion and love?
  • Will they finally quit being “anti-women”, “anti-immigration”, anti-this and anti-that and instead start proposing solutions to  current problems
  • Will they finally come to celebrate the diversity of our population instead of scorning it?
  • Will they finally stifle those like Ted Cruze who have become their face and get back to being about focusing on fraud/abuse and fiscal responsibility?

A two party system such as our own depends on two healthy party to counter each other. In order to balance out the ever abundant spending of the Democratic party we need a countering party to emphasize sound fiscal policy. The current Republican party is a far cry from what it has been in the past and I hope the current trends are an anomaly instead of a shift in party direction. If it is not then maybe the GOP should go the way of the Whigs before them…

When the votes are tallied in Virginia’s race for governor on Tuesday, over 300,000 citizens will be missing from the voting rolls – including 20% of the state’s black population. The reason is not low turnout or voter ID, but a growing and often invisible barrier to voting that is upending elections around the country.

Over 5 million Americans are barred from voting because they have criminal records, according to a report this year from the Sentencing Project.

The crackdown on ballot access is so intense, a majority of states actually bar former convicts from voting even after they are released from prison.

SOURCE:  Presumed guilty: Ex-felons face barriers to voting rights | MSNBC.

Except for my fellow blogger Bob Lowry I probably know more felons than most who pen blog pages.  And for the most part these guys are no different from anyone else except for the fact that they made a stupid decision in their lives and paid for it by spending time behind bars.  Our society used to say you do the crime you do the time and then everything is square.

One of the most fundamental rights in a democracy is the right to vote. One person – one vote is critical to maintaining a democratic system.  Most, even in the GOP, recognize that the demographics are constantly being skewed away from the Republican party of mainly WASPS.  But instead of trying to broaden their message to include this new demographics many Republican dominated States are trying to maintain power by restricting the vote.  They figure they can hold off the tide for a number of years by keeping others outside their base from being able to vote. The main way to do that is by eliminating those who might vote against them.


It is alarming to see that over 300,000 citizens in Virginia have been purged from the voting rolls because of having served time in its prison system.  Over 5 million have been purged nationally.  Of course studies have shown that when you restrict voting by this group you “tend to take more votes from Democrats than Republicans. If you look at the map of total exclusion it should come as no surprise that the majority of State who take away voting privileges are in the solid red category.

Prior to the Civil Rights period many of these same States had restrictions of African-Americans from voting. So voting restriction is not a new thing; it is just being taken to a new level by a political party desperate for holding power.

I just don’t think that many people actually are aware how fragile  a working democracy is.  While none of these current attacks on voting rights would probably result in crossing the line, when taken together do jeopardize our country.

Disregard for Humanity…..

November 11, 2013

2013-11-02_16-33-00“Don’t romanticize charity, we can’t make up for these cuts,” Margarette Purvis, president and CEO of Food Bank For New York City, told in September. “No one is more afraid of these cuts than charity, because we cannot cover it.”

Negotiations began this week between the House and Senate on the 2013 Farm Bill as the two sides try to reconcile their differences, including on food benefits for the country’s poor. The Senate version of the bill would cut about $4 billion more from food stamps over the next decade. But the House bill would cut $39 billion, causing nearly four million people to lose eligibility for the program.

SOURCE: $5 billion in cuts hit food stamps | MSNBC.

I am on the front lines of the battle against starvation in America. Weekly I see hundreds of people come through our soup kitchen.  We live on a shoestring budget to put out healthy meals to those who would probably not get one if we were not there.  To cut $5 billion now and another $39 billion later while we continue to ramp out our grossly insane military budgets is more than stupid it is an utter disregard for humanity.

I recently heard a Republican Senator self-proclaim that he is really a liberator of the poor. He proudly states that our safety net has trapped so many people he is here to dismantle it in order to rescue them.  He claims that if we can just tear them loose from the net they will all go out and get good paying jobs and then everyone can keep their own money and live happily ever after. I am hoping that this story makes you as sick as it does me. I am sure this person actually believes what he is saying or at least he rationalizes it being so. But if he were to actually get out on the front lines of our war against poverty he would see a very different story.

Many of my GOP friends seem to think that “those” people actually prefer to be poor and to not know where next weeks food will come from.  They seem to think that people are just too lazy to get a job.  I can honestly say that I have never met a person who wishes to be poor. Many without jobs would love to work if only they could find it and had a means to get to and from it daily as required. Of course all of us know that most jobs that would be available to them if they had a reliable car and good health are at minimum wage.

Of course I see and realize that there are those who have brought the problems they have on themselves.  They made some poor choices in life that have resulted in addictions and often prison terms trying to support those addictions.  Some of my friends are in that boat and I sympathize with them. But with that prison term around their necks for the rest of their life most employers, even minimum wage ones won’t touch them. There are just too many others they can choose to take on their roles.

Cutting food stamps instead of our obscene military budgets is total insanity and a gross lack of humanity to me.

But I am just a simple guy so what do I know……..

RespectThe No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, Sen. Dick Durbin, says that a House Republican leader told off President Barack Obama during a negotiation meeting, and that they are so disrespectful it’s practically impossible to have a conversation with them.

“In a ‘negotiation’ meeting with the president, one GOP House Leader told the president: ‘I cannot even stand to look at you,’” Durbin wrote in a post on his Facebook page over the weekend.

Calling a government shutdown strategy from Republicans “disastrous,” Durbin did not specify which leader made the comment, what the context was or how the president responded.

“What are the chances of an honest conversation with someone who has just said something so disrespectful?” Durbin wrote.

SOURCE:  Dick Durbin: GOP leader told President Obama ‘I cannot even stand to look at you’ – Tal Kopan –

It looks like our country has now devolved into gutter politics. That is where an opponent is treated with utter hate and anger. It used to be that when other politicians were addressing the president they did so with respect for the office.  That is the reason that presidents are usually address as “Mr. President” instead of their name.  We might not particularly like the person in the office but we treated him with respect.  To hear this sort of thing happening is a direct insult to our very institution of democracy.

When someone says that they can’t even stand to look at you, how would you respond? As for me my first inclination would be to shout a profanity back at them. But I hope I would be controlled enough simply to walk away from the vitriolity.  I don’t know which GOP leader said the words but I can imagine who it was.  How can anything approaching a respectable conversation occur when it start with those words?

President Obama always seems to be pretty cool under fire so I’m sure he didn’t respond like-for-like as I probably would have. When he came into office in 2009 he seemed to almost bend over backwards to get a conversation going with the Republicans but after so many failed attempts he finally wised up and quit compromising when nothing was returned. Since as a result of gerrymandering it is unlikely that Democrats will get control of the House so I expect this sort of ugly politics will continue throughout this second term.

I just wonder how much could actually been accomplished in improving ACA and reducing our deficits if both sides learned to treat each other with R-E-S-P-E-C-T   as an old song used to say.

Never in my life has one of our political parties devolved into such a sorry state…..

Too Many People…

October 29, 2013

crowdThis is kind of a continuation of yesterday’s post about why Republicans hate Obamacare. One thing I didn’t come across in my one hour search of why they hate Obamacare but I have seen it used as part of their opposition is that it puts too many additional people into the system. They say adding 30 million more consumers of healthcare will overwhelm our system.

This seems to me to be a somewhat typical complaint among many of my conservative friends. They look almost exclusively at themselves and the status quo when they see changes being made.  That is why they are called conservatives I guess. They just don’t like change, especially change that they see negatively impacting themselves.  The mentality of “if I don’t benefit from it then don’t change it” is pervasive in many of their current actions.  Since my GOP friends seem to be afraid of just about everything nowadays there is a lot for them to be against.

But, let’s get back to Obamacare. Too many people in the system will degrade their personal healthcare so the answer is to keep the 30 million currently locked out of healthcare right where they are. Why can’t these folks who are locked into that mentality look at the opportunities instead of the possible personal detriments. We all know that jobs should be the number one priority so why can’t they see that the answer to too many people is to add more doctors and nurses to our system to meet the increased demand? Why must they be against Obamacare instead of seeing the opportunities for more jobs and a better lifestyle for more of our citizens? When you are locked into a perpetual “Anti-” mode it is hard to see anything as an opportunity rather than a threat.

I wish my conservative friends would be a little more “progressive” in their thoughts and actions. It is really a much better place to be than being against everything….

GOP Is Not A Real Party…

October 22, 2013

“The Republican Party is not really a party. It doesn’t stand for anything except re-electing itself,” Stockman, who directed the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan, tells Newsmax. “The neocons are only oriented to an aggressive, imperialistic foreign policy of big defense establishment and suppression of our civil liberties. That’s bad.

“The tax cons want to just cut taxes — any time, any day — regardless of the fiscal situation,” Stockman adds. “That has gone to an absurd length. The social cons, social policy people — the right-to-life issue and gay marriage and all of that — that’s irrelevant to governing a democracy in a free society.

SOURCE:  Former Reagan Budget Head Stockman Critical of GOP.

I have long agreed with Will Rogers when he said “I’m not a member of an organized party I am a Democrat”. The Democrats have always be a coalition of many factions.

  • There are those who think government is the solution to all problems.
  • There are those who want to give help to everyone whether they want it or not. 
  • There are those called “blue dogs” who want less government but not be destroying the social safety net. 
  • And finally there are those who want abortion to be easily obtained for those who “want to control their own bodies”. 

This hodgepodge of associations has long been the face of the Democratic party. Except for the last item they all seem to share a basic empathy that we should be there for one another. We should have each other’s back. The safety net that protects those caught in some bad times should be strong so that no one is totally destroyed either by their own actions or the actions of others.

And then there are the Republicans of the last couple of decades. You would think that the words in the quote above were spouted by one of the talking heads over at MSNBC but you would be wrong.  They came from one of the chief aids to then president Ronald Reagan. David Stockman invented “trickle down economics” or at least the current version of it. Trickle down is widely believed to be one of the primary reasons Reagan was elected. Give money to the rich and it will eventually trickle done to the poor. The other economic thought was that in order to raise tax revenue you must lower taxes.  Don’t ask me to explain that one but Mr. Reagan and Mr. Stockman thoroughly believed it. Of course it didn’t happen and Reagan turned out to be the first big deficit spenders of our time.

It is enough to say that Stockman was one of the founders of conservatism as it is practiced  up until recently.  The words in the quote are  pretty blunt that the GOP stands for nothing except getting re-elected. But of course that could also be said for the Democrats in congress as well. As Stockman points out

  • The neocons are only for a big military establishment and suppression of civil liberties.
  • The tax cons are only for cutting taxes even if it means stripping our safety net in the process. That fact does not concern them at all. 
  • The social cons are so fixated on “below the belt” issues that nothing else really matters to them.

The source article goes on to include several other dark sides of the current GOP but I will leave it up to you to see that if you want.  As for me I will stick to the first group with my tenuous political allegiance. At least until the GOP comes back to something resembling any level of compassion.

Compassion And The GOP….

October 14, 2013

CompassionI admit I have only been keeping half an eye open of all this garbage going on with the shut-down and default threats  made by the Republicans in congress. One thing I have been watching is to see if there is any compassion being shown by any of those folks there from the GOP and quite frankly I have found almost nothing there that resembles compassion in any of their actions and words.  I wonder if this is typical of their base and those who consistently vote to return them to office?

As a matter of fact I find mostly the exact opposite of compassion from many of their leader and in particular Senator Cruz. That guy just seems to be filled to the very top of his brain, if he actually has one, with hate.  There is no other way to explain all the vitriol comments that constantly come out of his mouth.  He simply hates the president and most others outside his wing of the GOP. It was reported that he even was ranting at the president during the private meeting with a few other members of the GOP.

Now don’t get me wrong, I certainly applaud some of the GOP’s efforts to rein in our never-ending deficit spending. We certainly need to accomplish that. But even there the first thing they want to exclude from budget cuts is the primary waster of our tax dollars and that is our military complex. Instead of wanting to get rid of all the military spending related to the Cold War and “evil empires” they want to take it away from the most vulnerable of our population.  They want and voted for severe cuts to food stamp, Medicaid and such.  If they were given their way I’m quite sure they would gut Medicare and Social Security as well.

They rail on and on about the evils of the Affordable Care Act but they give nothing to replace it. It seems they are quite happy to lock more than 30 million of our citizens out of affordable healthcare.  They seem more than pleased to see people who are presently ill from getting any kind of insurance because of pre-existing conditions.

I really wish I could find even an iota of compassion in any of their words but I can’t. Those in their party that are troubled by this turn away from compassion are like a deer-in-the-headlights. They just seem to be stricken with fear of those who have hijacked the party of Lincoln.

Is this the new face of the Republican party that those outside of the beltway want us to see? I just don’t know? If it is then I need to get down on my knees much more often to pray that this new GOP goes down in flames before they take the whole country with them….

But I am just a simple guy so what do I know……


I see the Republican leadership, if you really want to call it that, is now claiming that the reason for the shutdown is that the president won’t negotiate with them.  I’m not sure how much schooling the new Tea Party members got when they entered the house in 1012 but my lessons in government operations tell me that it is the House leadership, of course controlled by the GOP, that won’t negotiate.

Lets stop here and have a little lesson in how our congress is supposed to operate in regards to its budget process.

Budget Process

As shown in the above table the annual federal budget process is started with the president submitting his budget to Congress in February and ends with the final budget put in place for the new fiscal year starting on October 1. This has been the way it occurs for years and years.  That it until recently and especially this time around.  Surprisingly almost everything on this list has happened to one degree or another up to the June 15 item.  Both houses of Congress submitted their budget resolutions pretty much as scheduled.

What didn’t happen is the reconciliation process between the Senate and House budgets. That is the time when the House and the Senate appoint members to work out the differences between the two resolutions. It seems that the House leadership simply refused to start the reconciliation process!  So when it comes to the root cause of who caused this shutdown it is the Republicans in the House. They stopped the process in mid-stream and have refused to start it up again.

I understand the those yahoos in the House are trying everything possible to spin their stories. Spin seems to be the only product to come out of them in recent years.  Each spends more time trying to blame the other for the gridlock. If they simply got down and met their responsibilities as members of our government they could achieve that with much less effort than they are spending now.

I know I sound like a parrot on this blog but it is time to send those obstructionist in Washington home to get a real job and put someone in there that just might be committed to doing the people’s business in our nation’s capital.