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I Am Suspending My Campaign..

I would really like to hear the words in the title of this post much more in the near future, at least from the wingnuts who have current control of the GOP. But in reality the title means… Read More

The Latest GOP Debate

This editorial cartoon sums it up for me. I’m not crazy about Hillary but she certainly beats all the GOP alternatives right now.

The Narcissist and His Supporters

So what does that say about those who support Donald Trump? For one mental health professional, the Trump “enigma” may arise from the fact that some Americans believe that Trump is some sort of bellwether, that a man… Read More

Which Came First??

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg??” has been the question of the day for as long as I remember. But I have a different version now. Which came first a ranting populace or radical right radio??… Read More

No Room In the Inn…

Trump Supporters…

Donald Trump, as many people on the left and even some on the right agree, is undoubtedly and intentionally making controversial remarks on cultural, racial and religious issues.   But what’s emerged as the more complicated question is… Read More

Taking Personal Responsibility…

In my mind taking personal responsibility is a big part of the bedrock of what makes the U.S. a success story among the nations of the world. We encourage, some would even demand, that each of us take… Read More

About Those Refugees…

I don’t know which GOP rally the picture to the right was from but I know it was from one of them. This guy is seen to represent the supposed base of the GOP. (Why do all those… Read More

FEAR Is A Powerful Motive, Especially To The GOP Base…

Never let it be said that the Republican Party is not responsive to its voters. Just two months ago, many of the GOP candidates for president, including Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio, were saying that the… Read More

They Will Say Anything…

Seven years ago, when Hillary Clinton was fighting a grueling Democratic primary battle against then-Sen. Barack Obama, she boasted of duck hunting and championed the Second Amendment. Clinton’s campaign in Indiana sent around negative mailers pasted with rifles,… Read More


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