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Common Sense????

Being a progressive in most aspects I hate it when so many in the media say Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are pretty much the same.  I think what they are trying to say is that both of… Read More

Evangelicals supporting Trump?

Ever since a mid-July Washington Post poll confirmed that Trump is the leading candidate among white evangelical Republicans… But while it’s easy to chuckle at the idea of Bible Belt voters rallying for a thrice-married real estate mogul… Read More

Low Info Voter…

I pulled this picture off of one of the many articles about how Donald Trump is number one in the polls for the GOP candidate.  But Donald Trump is not the topic of this post. Instead it is… Read More

First Things First…

First things first.  I am a sixty-eight year old wise guy and have been blogging for almost ten years now. Don’t ask my why, it is just in my blood.  This first post is to give you an idea… Read More

Clinton-Bush Fatique

Have you ever felt as if a mysterious black cloud of despair was rising from the great depths of the universe? That it was cresting over the horizons of your life, blotting out all sunlight as it closes… Read More

Weighing Nuclear Option…

“We were ready to do it” Russian President Vladimir Putin said he considered putting the country’s vast nuclear arsenal on alert to prevent outside agents from stopping the Kremlin’s forced annexation of the Crimea peninsula from Ukraine last… Read More

Filter Bubbles, Rabbit Holes, and Echo Chambers…

Let me start out with the theme for this post. The Internet is a double-edged sword. It allows the free flow of massive amounts of information but it also allow the free flow of massive amounts of mis-information. The… Read More

Scott Walker’s warped view of his own party

Let’s delve a little more into Scott Walker’s comments on the most recent personal attack on President Obama. Here are some words from Mark Ambinder over at the Week. When Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) told a reporter… Read More

Choosing Between the Pope and the GOP…

The problem is simply that Francis has broken from too many elements in the Republican Party platform. First there were affirming statements about homosexuality. Then harsh words for capitalism and trickle-down economics. And now climate change. That, it… Read More


“Now which is the narrowest, religious intolerance or political intolerance?” – Will Rogers, 20 April 1927 I have been pondering that question for some time now myself Will. We all know that so much of politics, particularly the… Read More


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