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I have things about myself that I wish were different but don’s we all.  My bouts with depression is one of those things. I just can’t seem to find its root cause.  I most often find my deepest… Read More

If It Was Only That Easy…

I spend a lot of time at my iMac and iPad so I am used to seeing this type of message. If it was only that easy….

Nothing Makes a Man More Broad-minded Like Adversity – Will Rogers

The billionaire Facebook founder and chief executive and his physician wife pledged to give away 99% of Facebook shares in their lifetime, currently worth about $45 billion, in a letter to their newborn daughter Max posted on Facebook… Read More

Here We Go Again… Even Eighty Years Later…

Here we go again!  America is running true to form, fixing some other country’s business for ’em just as we always do. We mean well, but will wind up in the wrong as usual…   Will Rogers June 22,… Read More

About Will Rogers…

I will shout as clearly as I can that Will Rogers is one of my primary heroes. Here is what Wiki says about him. Known as “Oklahoma’s Favorite Son”, Rogers was born to a prominent Cherokee Nation family… Read More

America Died From a Delusion…

Here we go again! America is running true to form, fixing some other country’s business for ’em just as we always do. We mean well but will wind up in the wrong as usual. When some nation wants… Read More

The Less You Know….

“I am kind of like a politician. The less I know about anything, the more I can say about it.” – Will Rogers, 12 June 1928 I’m kind of like a politician myself Will. One of my favorite… Read More

Wanting a Gun….

“They want Peace, but they want a Gun to help get it with.” – Will Rogers, 9 February 1930 Yeah Will, nothing has changed much in this area since your day.  About the only thing different is that… Read More

About The Invaders…

“Somebody would have found America though, even if he [Christopher Columbus] hadn’t, for you couldn’t hardly get around without running into it. Why they didn’t find it sooner is more than I will ever know. . . Being… Read More

Canada and the Volstead Act…According to Will…

Arrived in the Canada capital today. More sentiment here to be annexed by Mexico than by America. They know us too well. If we get any nation to join us it will have to be some stranger. We… Read More


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