Trip Log – KS Capital, Brown vs… ,KC

We started off today with our usual trip the the State capital. Of course, for Kansas that was Topeka. It turned out that the capital looked more like the Addamm’s Family home than the capital. The outside of the building was encased in scaffolding and the inside was dark and dreary in almost every hall. I admit that the picture above was not typical but … Continue reading Trip Log – KS Capital, Brown vs… ,KC

Jesus and the sword

I had an interesting Sunday Bible study recently where we covered Romans 13. Of course since this is probably the most debated text in the New Testament it was a lively discussion. I have to hand it to my pastor, he allow a free flow of diverse discussions. I will only cover one topic from our discussions and that is about the “sword”. Here is … Continue reading Jesus and the sword

Fort Bent and Kansas….

     As I mentioned last night we found a reconstructed fort in eastern Colorado to visit today.  I have been looking for a plains fort like this for the whole trip and am I glad we found this one.  After an archaeological exploration the fort was rebuilt on the same footprint as the original.  Fort Bent was a commercial fort not a military one.  It … Continue reading Fort Bent and Kansas….

Trip Log – Found a fort and a chimney

After looking over all the literature we had collected at the Colorado visitor’s center I did find a reconstructed plains fort. It is located near La Junta Colorado which is in the far southeastern part of the State. We started for there this morning but got sidetracked by the Chimney Rock Archaeological site.  Our tour guide was a retired archaeologist from the University of Denver … Continue reading Trip Log – Found a fort and a chimney

Trip Log – California dreaming….

Here is my synopsis of California as I promised yesterday.  California is indeed a very beautiful State and the weather is great.  The great redwoods in the northern part of the State are awesome along with mile after mile of pristine shoreline. But I think just way too many people have  “discovered” California.  30 million people; wow! After seeing the local news for almost 4 … Continue reading Trip Log – California dreaming….

Trip Log – Veggies, veggies, veggies (in search of Garlic)

We started our day with a quick stroll back to Fisherman’s Wharf to see the Aquarium there.  Quick that is considering all the walking we did yesterday (ha).  The aquarium was outstanding.  The first picture above was of some Luner Jellyfish. They looked unreal but they were indeed real.  We then walked through over 100 feet of clear tubes where the SF Bay water was … Continue reading Trip Log – Veggies, veggies, veggies (in search of Garlic)

Trip Log – Oh those redwoods are BIG…

I am making this post on Saturday morning, or afternoon for everyone in Indiana.  Yes, we did make it into California yesterday as evidenced by the sign above.  We entered the State on Hwy 101 so it was a rather modest sign to introduce us to the State. We spent most of yesterday going through the redwood forests of northern California. Yes, they are BIG.  … Continue reading Trip Log – Oh those redwoods are BIG…

Trip Log – Thoughts about Oregon

Since we will be leaving Oregon tomorrow I thought I would put down some of my general thoughts about this State. Overall I was kind of dissappointed with Oregon. While the landscape is beautiful it is really not much different then western Montana, Washington, or Idaho. The State population is about one half of that of Indiana but there seems to be a lot more … Continue reading Trip Log – Thoughts about Oregon

Trip Log – The River is awesome but…

No pictures today; just some commentary. Where the Columbia River was awesome the city of Portland was a total let down.  It started at 9am with our 10 mile drive into the city. This took about 45 minutes on Interstate 5  in creeping traffic. Now remember, this is after nine in the morning, not morning rush hour! We finally got into the Pioneer Court House … Continue reading Trip Log – The River is awesome but…

Is it possible to be a good Christian without going to church?

To me he short answer is yes. The longer answer is yes, but without the fellowship that a church provides it is more difficult. We all have our own opinions about just about everything. At least I certainly do. If we are left to our own account we will often develop a very distorted view on many things. It is only by conversing with others … Continue reading Is it possible to be a good Christian without going to church?

Trip Log – Virginia City and the dash….

                      This morning after having breakfast with the locals at the Ennis Cafe we headed to Virginia City Montana.  This was originally an 1870s  silver mining town that is still in use today. Most of the building have not be restored but have been preserved to keep them from  deteriorating. There are probably 50 buildings … Continue reading Trip Log – Virginia City and the dash….

Trip Log – Looking for cows in Montana….

Since the small motel we stayed at in Ennis Montana last night did not have a reliable wireless network I am going to be making multiple posts tonight. One included here, one about Montana in general, and one about today’s adventures.  But of course you already know that since this is the last on the blog page. If it is Friday it must be Ennis … Continue reading Trip Log – Looking for cows in Montana….

Trip Log – South Dakota still?

            We spent this morning in Pierre SD which is the capital.  Those pictures will soon appear on the http://www.CelebratingMainstreets.orgsite along with some of the other state capitals.  After the capital we went to the South Dakota Cultural Center. They had a very balanced presentation of the State’s history. Since I am 1/8 native American I focused mainly on the Lakota … Continue reading Trip Log – South Dakota still?

Trip Log – Nebraska Countryside

We spent today traveling through the Nebraska countryside between Lincoln and Mitchell South Dakota. With an InTheSlowLane attitude we decided to take the local roads and got underway about 9AM.  About an hour into the drive we were stopped by a “road construction” crew. We sat for about 20 minutes while a road sweeping machine about 1/4 mile away proceeded to clean some dirt off … Continue reading Trip Log – Nebraska Countryside