Lutherans and Calvinists???

  Many Calvinists like to try and pin the pre-destination label on Lutherans. I think maybe the Calvinists are just a little lonely in their corner of Christianity 😉 and are looking for someone else to huddle with.   In tune with the last post here is another blog post by the CyberBrethren blogger on that topic. It does a pretty good job of refuting … Continue reading Lutherans and Calvinists???

A Lutheran Pastor’s view of good works and Martin Luther’s words

Lutheran’s attachment to the phrase Sola Fida (By Faith Alone) as the foundation of their beliefs sometimes earns them the banner of being very weak in good works. I believe it to be generally true that many Lutherans (in all their synods) shy away from the concept of good works for fear that others will view them as adding works to the salvation pot. I … Continue reading A Lutheran Pastor’s view of good works and Martin Luther’s words

Christmas Eve

  Merry Christmas to everyone.  Let all Christians at least on this day join together to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On that I’m sure we can all agree. I want to use the words of a very popular Christmas hymn to say what Jesus’ birth means personally to me. I have re-arranged them slightly to be in more of … Continue reading Christmas Eve

About Jesus

 It’s good to remember that Jesus grew up as a poor Jew in a poor town. His life was not about having great material possessions, but about living for God in this humble and modest way.  – Stephen Chapman, associate professor of the Old Testament at Duke Divinity School, on the discovery of the first dwelling in Nazareth that dates to Jesus’ era. (Source: USA Today) Continue reading About Jesus

An old flame, but I don’t think she knew it..

Ok, I am now finished digitizing the old photos from my college days so I will do a few more posts about them and then move on to other things. But it is nice to remember some of this stuff.  It shakes some brain cells that I haven’t used in a while. Before I tell you about the picture above (yes that is me on … Continue reading An old flame, but I don’t think she knew it..

Thinking of a friend from my college years…

As I have mentioned one of my projects this winter is the digitize all the old photo albums from the past.  I just finished the ones from my college days at Purdue in the 1960’s and ran across this one of a good friend.  His name was Don Valentine and as the picture indicates he could do magic on the guitar and he had the … Continue reading Thinking of a friend from my college years…