Jesus and Forgiveness … Part 2.

Let’s continue on with our study of Jesus’ words about forgiveness. Last time we concentrated on Jesus’ forgiveness of our sins. This time we will look at what Jesus says about us forgiving others who sin against us. Let’s jump right into the red letters. Mark 11:22-25 “Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. “I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, … Continue reading Jesus and Forgiveness … Part 2.

10% Tithe??

I know the Old Testament talks about a 10% thithe in several places but is this also applicable to Christians in the New Testament age? Some say yes and some say no.  It always impressed me when I read in the book of acts how Early Christians sold everything they had and gave the money to the Apostles for the community good.  Here are those … Continue reading 10% Tithe??

The Church Clubhouse?

Is there anything wrong with having a church be the social center for members’ families as well as a place to worship God? Many churches believe this configuration is totally wrong but in reality most, if not all, churches are to one degree or another clubhouses as well as churches.  Some believe the church/clubhouse is the core of the 21st century religious establishment. Should having … Continue reading The Church Clubhouse?

Parallel Gospel Verses … Part 3 (The Last Supper)

I will let the last post represent those parallel verses that are very similar to each other. In my studies those were somewhat typical of the conflicts of words. I know there are many places in the Old Testament that people report conflicting verses. I did not attempt to cover any of these but instead concentrated on Gospel accounts.  What I found were all somewhat … Continue reading Parallel Gospel Verses … Part 3 (The Last Supper)

Parallel Gospel Verses… (Part 1)

Due to having frequent discussions with my “inerrant and literal” bible friend lately the Gospel messages have been on my mind. I know there are several places in the bible that supposedly report on the same event. If, as my friend, believes, every word in the bible is literally true and directly from God’s mouth (through the totally obedient hands of men’s pens) then why … Continue reading Parallel Gospel Verses… (Part 1)