Galena IL

Galena Illinois is one of my all time favorite towns. These pictures were taken in October 2009 which was our third visit to the city.  Beside having an absolutely beautiful downtown area it was also the home of President Ulysses S. Grant.

Yard and Garden (and Tomatoes)…



I seem to spend quite a bit of my retirement time tending my yard and garden. At least in the warm weather months that is. Don’t get me wrong; I am by no means a perfectionist who manicures his lawn with tweezers. The opposite is more realistic for me. But I do enjoy this type of work providing the weather cooperates. I live in a very rural area about a mile north of a small town. The big city perfectly manicured lawns are a rarity in this neck of the woods. But since I do have about two and half acres it takes quite a bit of time just to keep it mowed and not letting the weeds totally take over. Totally is the secret word there :).

This Spring was one of those special event lawn and garden wise. It was time for a new riding mower. I only get one about every ten years or so. This time I opted to get the Craftsman garden series tractor. It has almost a full five foot mowing width and a supersize engine. It also has quite a few bells and whistles. I am a Craftsman type guy when it come to lawn stuff. They have a complete list of parts available so when I get reckless and break something I can get a new part quickly. That doesn’t prevent the eye-rolling from my wife who always says “be more careful” but at least it gets me back on the road, or I guess I should say lawn quickly.

I am also a veggie garden person. I had one most of my childhood and for the last twenty some years. This time of year we are usually flooded with tomatoes. Yvonne eats tomato sandwiches almost every lunch for over a month when they are in season. It is also my priveledge to take a mess of them to the homeless shelter soup kitchen where I volunteer. We used to also can them but I guess we are just too lazy for that now!

Besides tomatoes we have a pretty good crop of squash and even some watermelons this year. Another crop I have been growing for the last ten years or so is popcorn. I think I rival Orvil with the quality of my popcorn.

The pictures above are of my garden from 1994 or so. It was much more managed than it is now.

And the journey goes on.

A Life Without Pets??


I know some people go through life without any pets. We had some neighbors across the street from us once who I deemed as “neat freaks” . Their house was always so immaculate. They would never have considered pets as they were just dirty little creatures who pooped and otherwise contaminated people’s lives. I always felt sorry for their son who had to grow up without pets in his life. He is grown now and I often wonder is he is also a neat freak. Often times the children turn out to be the opposite of their parents in that regard.

I personally have always had pets around my entire life; that is except for my college years where obviously they were not allowed. When I was very young we had several boxers as pets. But we also had turtles, ducks, chickens, and probably others that I just don’t remember now. After college I specialized in dogs I guess.

My wife is much more of an animal lover than I am. I think she actually loves animals more than people (ha). Whenever we watch a movie and it looks like an animal will be hurt she either closes her eyes or worse yet turns off the TV. I can’t convince her that they do not actually hurt animals for movies. Watching people be blown away by Sylvester Stallone or Dirty Harry is not problem; just don’t hurt any animals in the same scene. So obviously after we were married there have been many animals in our home. She also introduced me to cats. Up until that point I had managed to live my life cat free. That is except for the barn cats we had that roamed around our rented farmhouse area. But they would not let anyone within twenty feet of them so it would be a stretch to call them pets.

The amazing thing about dogs is that they give their love unconditionally. It doesn’t matter what your physical condition is they love you anyway. Dogs will spend hours just concentrating on their owners and trying to please them. They say that a dog is man’s best friend and I totally agree with that, especially for a deaf man like me. I also learned that cats can be loving also but more in an standoffish way I guess. We had one cat in our family for over ten years and she was a very loving animal. As she got older she was almost totally dedicated to being on Yvonne’s lap whenever she would sit down. I can’t imagine life without pets. It would not be as full as it was with them always around.

Above are some of the pictures of pets we have had over the years. We loved each and every one of them.

And the journey goes on…

The Pets of my Life…

My wife and I have always had pets around our homes.  I can’t imagine life without them.  So, I have put together this collage of some of our furry, and not so furry, friends. No, we don’t actually have any pet cows but I think if Yvonne could have figured out how to get one in our trunk we would have! 🙂