One Minute for Peace…..

If Only we in the U.S. spent even a minuscule amount of  what we spend for our wars to promote peace… I want to direct you to a website promoting peace instead of war. from the American Friends Service Committee. As… Read More

The Bi-weekly Haircut…..

I just got a haircut recently and a memory came back to me from my childhood. In order to get it back where it belongs on the far fringes of my memory I have to post it here…. Read More

Washington DC

We took a trip to Washington DC and the surrounding area in 1988. Let’s do a series of pictures from that trip. This picture is of me recreating my high school picture of 1965 except without my classmates… Read More

I Believe…

I believe that Jesus should be a model for living rather than an object of worship. I believe that  affirming our potential is more important than condemning our brokenness. I believe that reconciliation should be valued over judgment…. Read More

My High School Years…..

  This is my first post about my high school years. Since I want to make this a series I will only give you a small slice of those years here. I went to high school in the small… Read More

Wisconsin Dells

The Wisconsin Dells is a very interesting place. The rock formations are awesome.  We visited there in 1987. As usual I have put in a picture of my “dearly beloved”.

Born Deaf vs Late Deafened…

I think of my deafness as an affliction that I must daily try to overcome in order to go about my business in the hearing world. That is not the case with some, perhaps most, who are born… Read More

If Only We Had Taken Jesus’ Words Seriously

When Jesus was on this earth he told us numerous times to be one as he and the father were one. If only we had listened and taken his words and life’s lessons seriously. I read recently that… Read More

The County Fair….

The county fair is a big event in small town America. These pictures were taken in 2002.

Learning Responsibility…

I grew up in a small town in Indiana and spent my summers putting hay in farmer’s barns at ninety cents and hour. But it wasn’t until my college years that I started learning real lessons in responsibility…. Read More

Hawaii Luau

Let’s finish up the honeymoon pictures with a luau. I have to be honest in that the food was really not that great but the atmosphere and entertainment more than made up for it. These photos were also… Read More

Being alone in the world…

I know that I am not the only person in the U.S. who is deaf. In reality there are more than three million of us around. About two million of those are like me who went deaf as… Read More

Maui HI

Since I have started my honeymoon pictures let’s continue that with pictures of Maui also taken in 1986. There was not a lot of development on the island when we were there.  I’m sure that has changed drastically… Read More

I Believe:

I believe that each of the 39,000 Christian denominations believe that they most faithfully follow Jesus. Each believes Jesus imagined the church as looking just like them. I believe that it is arrogant for any of us to… Read More

Coco Palms – Oahu HI

These are pictures of the Coco Palms resort in Oahu taken on our honeymoon in 1986.  The resort was destroyed by a hurricane in the early 90’s. From a website I see they are planning on rebuilding it. But given… Read More

Will Rogers – What would he say about us now?

What’s the country coming to. It always will seem funny to us United Staters that we are about the only ones that really know how to do everything right. I don’t know how a lot of these other… Read More

Connecting with my Soul Mate…

Boy do I remember my wedding day. I suspect that most of us do. Of course for those who have been married multiple times the wedding day might get intermingled in our minds (ha). Fortunately I found my… Read More

Seattle WA (cont’)

Let’s finish up with Seattle. This time of Mount Rainer and the Boeing Factory. They didn’t allow any pictures inside the Boeing factory.  I guess they figured no one else in the world knows how to make airplanes🙂… Read More

Seattle WA

Let’d so a couple of posts on Seattle Washington. The first one will be of the most familiar places: the Space Needle and the the Public Market.  We visited there in June of 2006 on our way back from our… Read More

If Only…

If only we put as much enthusiasm into our academic accomplishments as we do our sporting activities. The rest of the world is at our door ready to eat our lunch. Why is this? One reason is because… Read More

War is not the answer for ANY question….

I recently read an article that proudly made the point that the U.S. military is the largest minority employer in the country. It went on to argue that if our military complex were proportioned like the rest of… Read More

West Point

These are pictures of the military academy at West Point. They were taken in May 1998.  The Hudson River is absolutely beautiful there.

The Stock Market Needs a Good Dose of Ritalin

Will Rogers – What would he say about…  Today’s stock market As I mentioned elsewhere in this blog, Will Rogers is a hero of mine. He was plain spoken half breed Indian from Oklahoma who became world famous… Read More

Yankton SD

One of my many hobbies is to take photos of main streets throughout the U.S.  I took these pictures of Yankton SD (population 13,000)  on our vacation west in June 2009. Yankton is one of my favorite small… Read More

I Believe….

I regret to believing at one time  that the sole value of Jesus rested in his ability to usher me into heaven. I  believe the principles Jesus articulated, summarized in the Sermon on the Mount, is the critical… Read More