You Won’t Find “Ripped from the Headlines” here…..

One thing you won’t find on this blog is anything related to today’s headlines. Quite frankly I find that area just too depressing at this point in my life. The anger that seems to be out there on just about everything is sometimes overwhelming. News people like Beck, Limburgh, Sanchez, Dobbs, and Coulter are ranting and raving to millions of adoring fans. They fan (pun intended) the flames to almost a point of mob mentality. Everyone seems to hate everyone and everything that is different from them. At one time I stayed very informed about politics and the news of the world. But not anymore!

Jesus told us that his number one command for us was to love one another. Mohammad had the same message for his followers. And of course Buddha is if nothing else about peace and tranquility. But we seem to be totally ignoring those messages today. I realize that putting my head in the sand will not make the vitriol aspects of this world suddenly more peaceful but it will make my personal world less unsettled and at this point in my life that is what I desire.

I will leave it up to the younger generations to try and get us out of the current abyss we have fallen in. As for me I will just try and follow the red letters in the Bible and have compassion for my fellow man. Yes, even those who are presently stoking the flames are in my prayers. My hope is that God will someday show them the harm they are doing. That is before it is too late.

And the journey goes on…