Will Rogers – What would he say about us now?

What’s the country coming to.


It always will seem funny to us United Staters that we are about the only ones that really know how to do everything right. I don’t know how a lot of these other Nations have existed as long as they have till we could get some of our people around and show ’em really how to be Pure and Good like us — Will Rogers Feb 27, 1932

We don’t seem to have learned much of a lesson since Will’s day? We still think we know everything and the rest of the world is in abject intellectual poverty. In our current circumstance we seem to conveniently overlook the fact that this whole mess started around our bankers playing around with mortgages. Greed is a powerful thing; especially when it goes unregulated.

We couldn’t wait for the Iraqi people to reach for democracy, we had to go in there and shove it down their throats whether they liked it our not. I am just a simple fella but I don’t think that is the way it is supposed to work? And of course in the process we spent so much money for the elixir that we didn’t have much for anything else. But that doesn’t stop us from doing it again in Afghanistan! When will we ever learn.

Why even when we spent those many months on healthcare reform all the politicians say that we must not rely on what was done in (you fill the country in) but instead we have to come up with our own solution. Yeah, we United Staters, as Will called us, are the only ones with an ounce of brain between our ears. Isn’t that a joke. Some day we just might learn our lesson. That is if we survive that long and China hasn’t called in all our IOUs. We continue to be a vane bunch who probably needs to be knocked down a peg or two. The world survived before we came along and it will survive after we are gone.

And the journey goes on….