Going it alone….

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Here it is 9:10am and all my clocks except for the computer say it is 8:10am.  I guess we forgot that Mr. Bush decided to go it alone again and change the date when the time changes. The rest of the world changed but I guess we didn’t. Long story short.. we missed church. But I think God will forgive me on this one. So, I will repeat the process again next week.

Leave Politics to the Politicians….

This year I decided to make a life change. Up until that point I was an avid follower of the political process. I watched every convention and heard most of the speeches present there.  I followed most of the candidates positions; even those who I could not vote for.  I worked actively and supported with my rather generous donations one of the presidential candidates in the 2008 election. But starting that day in the Spring of this year I decided to leave all politics behind and I can say I am now a much happier person for it.

Politics in the last few years has just become too ugly for my sanity.  It seems that whoever is elected is automatically doomed to failure in this highly partisan atmosphere.  I am totally disillusioned with the idea that our democaray can survive the idoicy of the current political process.  Jefferson said many years ago that the success of a democracy is dependent on an informed electorate.  If that is the case we should be counting the years. What will replace it I just don’t know or even care at the moment.

So, in my mind it is better to just abandon any thoughts of something that seems currently unfixable.  I will leave it up to others to try and get us out of this current quagmire. As for me I am following the saying that “ignorance is bliss” and enjoying every minute of it.  Standing back and looking at our current political processes is nothing but amusing to me now.

And the journey goes on….

I Believe…

  • I believe that too many Christian denominations today spend far too much time idolizing Jesus and far too little time actually doing what he commands.
  • I believe that those who think that getting into heaven simply requires saying that Jesus is my savior are flat out wrong.  Many of these will find out that Jesus will not recognize there words without backing them up by actions.
  • I believe that  many Christian denominations totally ignore or rationalize away Jesus words in the Lord’s prayer that we will be forgiven by God in the same degree that we forgive those who sin against us. He meant what he said!
  • I believe that a person can find a particular verse either the Old or New Testaments to back up almost any concept that they wish to make.

And the journey goes on….

Attention Waiters….

A Personal Peeve….

One of the things that constantly peeves me off is related around my wife and I eating at restaurants. For the most part when the waiter/waitress discover that I am deaf the check almost always goes to my wife instead of me. This seems to peeve my wife all even more than me. She often gives the check back to the waiter and tell him/her to give it to me. I want to give a hint to all you waiters out there that it is probably better from your point to go ahead and give the check to the deaf man. He can always pass it to another if need be. I must admit that there are times when the tip automatically decreases when I don’t get the bill J

This sadly is just another case where the old saying “deaf and dumb” comes into play. If I can’t hear then I must also not be able to figure out how to do a tip or pay a bill. This is not a biggie as far as coping goes but it is a personal peeve.

And the journey goes on….

Bicycle Rack??



Ok the picture above is of a bicycle rack. No there are no bicycles in it that is the rack.  So in this case editing did not strecth the truth.  This is one of many unique bicycle racks found in downtown Des Moines Iowa.  We visited there in June of this year. It is a very interesting city and worth the four days we stayed there to tour.