Leave Politics to the Politicians….

ÔĽŅ This year I decided to make a life change. Up until that point I was an avid follower of the political process. I watched every convention and heard most of the speeches present there. ¬†I followed most of the candidates¬†positions; even those who I could not vote for. ¬†I worked actively and supported with my rather generous donations one of the presidential candidates in … Continue reading Leave Politics to the Politicians….

Retirement Don’ts

Don’t under spend your income/savings I know this is the opposite of what all financial planners espouse. Since many seem to enter retirement with too little savings under spending their money is just not possible. But for those of us who saved throughout their pre-retirement years we have, if no major health emergency hits us, more than we need for the absolute necessities. If you … Continue reading Retirement Don’ts

A Life Lost..

Last Thursday there was an accident just down the road from our house. I live on a somewhat twisty rural road that has just too many¬†people¬†going too fast for the conditions. Sorrowfully a life was ended in this accident. ¬†I have watched the young man of 24 years come speeding around that corner probably hundreds of times. I don’t know if he just liked going … Continue reading A Life Lost..


They say as you get older you need to exercise your brain so it doesn’t go soft. In that light this new category just popped into my head so I thought I would give it a try. ¬†We all need to learn, or maybe re-learn, new words. So here is the word for today vi¬∑car¬∑i¬∑ous [vahy-kair-ee-uhs,¬†vi-] ‚Äďadjective  1.¬†performed,¬†exercised,¬†received,¬†or¬†suffered¬†in¬†place¬†of another:¬†vicarious¬†punishment. 2.¬†taking¬†the¬†place¬†of¬†another¬†person¬†or¬†thing;¬†acting¬†or¬†servingas¬†a¬†substitute. 3.¬†felt¬†or¬†enjoyed¬†through¬†imagined¬†participation¬†in¬†the experience¬†of¬†others:¬†a¬†vicarious¬†thrill. 4.¬†Physiology¬†.¬†noting¬†or¬†pertaining¬†to¬†a¬†situation¬†in¬†which¬†oneorgan¬†performs¬†part¬†of¬†the¬†functions¬†normally¬†performed¬†byanother. I am … Continue reading Vicariously….

I Celebrate…Historical Centers

This is a new category post where I will talk about those people and things that I believe are truly right about the world today. Lately I tend to look back at things and always notice where we went wrong or where I believe we are off track. Always viewing the world with that attitude can be depressing indeed! I need to stop and celebrate … Continue reading I Celebrate‚ĶHistorical Centers

Will the World be Different Because I Was Here?

I want to feel that I have changed the world at least to some small degree. So the above question at least occasionally enters my mind. This query is somewhat related to the previous post about being childless. If I were fortunate enough to have had children I could at least hold out hope that they might change the world because I gave them life. … Continue reading Will the World be Different Because I Was Here?