Illegal Aliens…..

This post is going to be about illegal aliens. No, I’m not talking about those who might be in the U.S. now. I am going to talk about those aliens who started coming here five hundred or so… Read More

Barns of Wisconsin

  Here is another picture from our October trip to northern Wisconsin. We added about 40 barns to our photo inventory on that trip.  This is one of the more interesting ones.

To the Redwood Forests

  This land was made for you an me.  Those words were written by Woody Guthrie. He was one of my favorite songwriters. The picture (that is me in the picture) was taken in June 2009 in northern… Read More

Island House Hotel

  Thank you Island House hotel for providing us with quality accommodations during our recent stay at Mackinac Island Michigan. Your one hundred year plus hotel is awesome.

I Celebrate the Peacemaker…

I celebrate the peacemakers of this world. One of those groups is certainly the Society of Friends known as Quakers. As a matter of fact they have even won a Nobel Peace Price for their efforts. According to… Read More

Lake Winnebago Light House

Here is one not too many people have probably seen. It is a small lighthouse in Neenah Wisconsin. The picture was taken in 1986 but it still looks the same today.

A Long and Agonizing Death…

A close member of my  extended family died yesterday after a long and agonizing downward spiral.  For the last two years she was no longer of her own mind and became a very spiteful person. It was totally… Read More

Glacier National Park

  Here is a picture of Glacier National Park in 1990. We were there in June and still had plenty of snow to contend with.

I Believe

I believe that God does not view us, his creation, as worthless miserable pieces of snot. I believe that God wants us to live to our full potential that he created us to be. I believe that God… Read More

Fort Ticonderoga

  Here is a picture with Yvonne and I that was taken at Fort Ticonderoga in upstate New York in the early 1990s.

Don’t worry about whether you are healthy enough to do something… just do it!!

  I, like most senior citizens have my share of health related issue. Probably more than most. It seems that every time I go to the doctor lately he has diagnosed me with yet another condition! The last… Read More

An Inspiration….

As mentioned in the last post I am in the initial process of building a slot car track in my old paint room. One important part of being retired is that I now have time to pursue things… Read More


  I seem to be hobby deficient lately so have been looking for yet another hobby. Slot cars are on my mind. I have cleaned out a room in the barn to build a track. Of course I… Read More

German Heritage

My wife Yvonne’s maiden name is Wierschke. Of course that is very German in origin. I am going way way back in the photo archive to pull out the above picture. According to the note that was attached… Read More

Don’t worry that you may make the wrong decisions.

Retirement is not a onetime thing; it is a long term process. In earlier years when I was preparing for retirement I deemed it pretty much that event where I left the workforce and collected my virtual gold… Read More

This Old Barn..

  Here is one of the many barn pictures we took on our recent trip to northern Wisconsin. Given the state of the barn this might be the last picture ever taken of it.

Our First Christmas Together

  Since the Christmas season is quickly approaching I thought I would pull this one out of the archives. This is a picture of me and Yvonne’s first Christmas together. It was taken during my first visit to… Read More

I Believe…

I believe that all of the Bible must be viewed within the life and words of Jesus Christ.  No other standard is acceptable. I believe that although well intentioned by their authors many of the words in the… Read More

In Good Company…

A few posts back I announced that I have given up on following or participating in politics. It has just become to grinding for me. Last night I was reading a book called The Essential Thomas Jefferson and… Read More

County Fair…..

Nothing better than a county fair. The kids have fun and there is lots of greasy food to eat🙂