The Happy Shopper

  Here is a picture of Yvonne at the ChristKindlMarket in Chicago last week. They had 200 booths from Germany and Eastern Europe there. She was indeed a happy shopper.


  Here is another picture of our recent time in Chicago. This is the ChristkindlMarket at Daley Plaza. There were booths from all over Germany and Eastern Europe so there were many unique things to be seen and… Read More

Chicago Christmas

  We spent the four days before Christmas this year in Chicago. The picture above was taken from our hotel room window.  As you can see we stayed in the heart of the city. More pictures from this… Read More

It looks like I will make it….

It looks like I will make it through another year. That is if the Lord lets me survive for seven more days🙂 I admit I have been pretty lazy with posting here lately. I guess I just got… Read More

Winter setting in…

  Now that winter is setting in let’s look at a picture of our July garden that my wife took. She is quite the flower photographer.

Sick Day Bounty Hunters

There is now a thriving industry nicknamed Sick Day Bounty Hunters.  They are hired detectives who check on employees who may be abusing their sick day privileges. See the full article at .The article claims a significant… Read More

Trying out the new plow…

Here it is the first real snow of the season. We got about three inches last night.  Our neighbor on top the hill behind us has been plowing our driveway since we moved here ten years ago. But,… Read More

State Capital

  Here is a picture of the Michigan State Capital building taken in September when we were on our way to Mackinac Island

First Snow…

  We had our first snow of the season last night. But I am too lazy right now to dig out the camera and take a picture so this one was taken in January this year. Yvonne absolutely… Read More