Living History Farms, Des Moines–Sept 2010

  This was part of the village at the Farms. The main attraction were three farms representing different eras of America’s past. It was a neat place to visit.

No 2. Make Peace with Imperfection

This like the other posts in the category is from the book entitled “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… and it’s all small stuff” by Richard Carlson. It has many items that are particularly useful to us seniors. Our… Read More

U.S. vs. the World

I started getting the National Geographic magazine again. I used to look at them regularly when I was in grade school and high school many years ago but haven’t noticed them much since then. Many joke that older… Read More

Waiting to Die….

One of the most depressing things to me is that some seniors seem to spend their lives just waiting to die. They have no ambitions or goals for their senior years. They spend their days do little or… Read More

About Passwords and the Internet….

  I must admit that I am a Internet junkie. I pay most of my bills on-line. I get most of my news on-line.  I purchase a lot of goods and services on-line. I follow friends on Facebook… Read More

Global Food Crisis…..

This is just too sad to take lightheartedly. There is a global food crisis in much of the third world. Part of that is due to us using so much corn for ethanol. We have so much in the… Read More

Door County Wisconsin – September 2006

Here is a converted barn in Door County Wisconsin near my favorite winery. I must admit that I am hooked on cherry wine from there.  


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