No 2. Make Peace with Imperfection

This like the other posts in the category is from the book entitled “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… and it’s all small stuff” by Richard Carlson. It has many items that are particularly useful to us seniors. Our retirement years should be sweat free so to speak. Making peace with imperfection is something that I don’t have much of a problem with but I know … Continue reading No 2. Make Peace with Imperfection

When the Bible becomes a weapon….

Although I don’t focus very much on the Old Testament I have always been troubled about how it seems to condone slavery. There is an interesting article in USA Today about  this topic.  See it at  In Civil War, the Bible became a weapon –  Here is a little bit of it. God said so In the 1860s, Southern preachers defending slavery also took … Continue reading When the Bible becomes a weapon….

The Father, The Son, and the Holy Bible

The concept of the Trinity was something that was invented many years after Christ’s ascension. It did not originate from Jesus but was invented more than one hundred years after is resurrection. It has, however, become a bedrock item in  much of the Christian church. But it seems many church denominations have now replaced the Holy Spirit with the Bible. From my studies on this substitution … Continue reading The Father, The Son, and the Holy Bible

What is Satire?

I just changed the word “Satirical” to “Lighthearted” for this blog title. It seems that the word “Satirical” has come to mean something quite different than in Will Rogers’ day. Looking at what Wikipedia says some might get the wrong opinion of what I am trying to do here. According to Wiki there is now a definite dark side to satire that is more predominant … Continue reading What is Satire?

More with Less

Some probably think that the phrase “More with Less” is a recent invention but I was brutally hit with it in the 1990s. As my team around me was constantly shrinking the workload was constantly increasing. The above term was almost nauseous to me during that time. I wish I could have come up with some of the things in the Dilbert cartoon at the … Continue reading More with Less


I just watched a episode on FrontLine (on PBS) about multitasking.  Kids today insist that they can do many things at the same time and almost all of them involve some form of electronics.  The FrontLine episode basically said the kids think they multitasking very well when in reality they don’t do any of the things well at all.  The brain is just not meant … Continue reading Multitasking??

Jesus and Paul Comparisons – Harder than it looks..

I am having trouble with my project of comparing what Jesus said to what Paul said.  There are several reasons for this difficulty. They, for the most part, didn’t appear to address very many of the same issues. There is so much baggage associated with this topic it is hard to not be prejudged by it all It seems I must extrapolate the two men’s … Continue reading Jesus and Paul Comparisons – Harder than it looks..