An Exit Strategy???

It was good to see President Obama go on television the other day to explain why he supported the NATO no-fly zone in Libya. I think he did a good job of saying how we as U.S. citizens… Read More

A Little More As I Grow Older….

I speak truth, not so much as I would, but as much as I dare; and I dare a little more as I grow older. (Catherine Drinker Bowen) I got the above quote from a fellow blogger a… Read More

Longaberger HQ – Ohio 2008

I know this isn’t a barn but I guess you could label it a “historic” building?  It is the Longaberger Basket Company headquarters in Ohio

“Another trouble with politics, it breeds politics. So that makes it pretty hard to stamp out. The only way to do it is at the source. We got to get birth control among politicians.” — Will Rogers  1934… Read More

The Great Salt Lake – 2009

This is a picture of me at the Great Salt Lake in 2009.  I am currently using it as a header for my homepage blog   RJ’s Corner.

Going Backwards…. Again….

Note: I am going to cross-post here from one of my other blogs. I couldn’t decide which one was the most appropriate so I will post at both. (ha) Since the Republicans seem hell-bent on rolling back Obama-care… Read More

Going Backwards…. Again….

Since the Republicans seem hell-bent on rolling back Obama-care I wanted to talk a little about one of the effects of this action. I recently had to have a rather expensive blood test run for a potentially life… Read More

As usual the Republicans are at it again. They are coming out in force to say how terrible Obama-care is but offering no solutions themselves. I guess they think they got the house back with this strategy so… Read More

Living to be 100???

I saw an article recently about how people in the future will likely typically live to be 100 years old. At first thought that sounds kind of nice. I align with the old saying “Everyone wants to get… Read More

At It Again…

  The Republicans are at it again. All the presidential hopefuls are coming out in force to say how terrible Obama-care is but offering no solutions themselves. I guess they think they got the house back with this… Read More

Northern Wisconsin – October 2010

Found this one during our Wisconsin barn search last year. Not only is it an old barn but it appeared to be an abandoned converted barn🙂    

Virginia City NV–June 2009

Its like stepping back in time. Yeah, that’s me walking down main street.

Deficit Fighters

I see where the Republicans in the House have only managed to eliminate half the “earmarks” in the current budget. I guess some things are just too sacred. Most of the remaining “pork” is associated with military projects…. Read More

We Still Love our HHR….

As mentioned on a previous post we are getting ready to head off on a Spring Vacation through Maryland, Virginia, and probably a few other States.  So that means loading up our HHR with all the “necessities”. We… Read More

Don’t Be Silly

This is definitely a place where a picture, in this case a poster, is worth a thousand words so I don’t have much to add. Someday we will join the rest of the industrialized nations and provide universal… Read More

It seems the Republicans are all over the map considering this Libya thing. But one thing they all agree with is that President Obama is WRONG one way or another.  They are very good at showing wrong but… Read More

It’s a Matter of Perspective…

What is considered to be old is, of course, a matter of perspective. I have always been a dreamer in that throughout my life, although not so much lately, I have thought about where I would be and… Read More

Kansas City, MO -2009

This picture was taken during our month-long trip to the west coast. We didn’t discover many barns in the west. This was on of the few we even managed to snap during that trip.

Mesa Verde, CO – 2009

  Mesa Verde is one of my favorite places to visit. It has a truly spiritual feeling to it. We plan on going back either this year or next.

Life in the Fast Lane?

I have spent most of my life in the Midwest but did finish out my professional career in the NYC area. Before I moved to the Northeast I had frequent business trips there. It seems that many people… Read More

Way to Go, Britain and France….

It warms my heart that two European countries have taken the lead in keeping the dictator of Libya from destroying his own people. Maybe humanity does mean something to political powers. I am also relieved that the U.S…. Read More

Holding Public Office

“Once a man holds public office, he is absolutely no good for honest work.” –Will Rogers —

Rock City Ads (Indiana) – 2010

Those of us who are older remember many barns with the Rock City ads on them. They are quickly disappearing from the countryside.

Mt. Rushmore – 2009

Of course every photo blog needs a picture of Mt. Rushmore.  This was the 3rd time I had visited there. Private concessioner have taken over the management of the park. You now have to pay for pretty much everything and… Read More

Republicans: Consumer bureau too powerful

The title of the post is directly from the title of the article I am going to discus.  Basically what the Republicans seem to be saying is that banks should have all the control on how to foreclose… Read More