Pay and Benefit Cuts (not for us)….

I just read an article about the governor of Wisconsin. He is going all out to bust the teachers and workers unions and it looks like, through a technicality he has done it.  It seems just too ironic to find that they did this by declaring that it had nothing to do with money when that was the reason he said he wanted to do it in the first place!  The main point in his arguments were that state employees and teachers must take some pay and benefit cuts in order for the state to meet its budget. The teachers and state employees had already said they were willing to do this but that was not enough for the governor.

The totally ironic thing about this is that he and the State senators who rammed this through have apparently have not shown any willingness to do the same thing themselves! It seems their benefits are even more plush than the workers they are asking to sacrifice but they don’t see any need to sacrifice themselves! So they think it is mandetory that others lose benefits for the greater good but theirs are immune?  How sanctimonious is that????

These radical Republicans who the people of Wisconsin naively voted into office seem to think that collective bargaining is a privilege given by the legislature. The people of Libya are desperately struggling to pull personal control out of the hands of a dictator while Wisconsin seems to want dictators to run things and do away with people (in the form of unions) controlling their lives.

But what do I know…

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