An Exit Strategy???

It was good to see President Obama go on television the other day to explain why he supported the NATO no-fly zone in Libya. I think he did a good job of saying how we as U.S. citizens cannot turn our backs on these types of humanitarian issues. When  leader of a country indiscriminately kills so many of its citizens others of the world have to take action.  Since we have the vast majority of military in the world we had to step forward to help.  I also appreciate that he let NATO take the lead in this exercise. That is the way it should be.  The U.S. should not be the policemen of the world. Given our deficits we just can’t afford to do that all the time as we have.

I find the Republican response to the Presidents speech quite amusing. They are shouting about an exit strategy and a time-table for getting out of the “quagmire” as some of the are calling it already.  What is so amusing about this is that these are the same politicians who all but crucified candidate Obama we he dared to say he would put a time-table on our non-existent exit strategy in Iraq if he were elected. At that time the Republicans were ranting about how it is impossible to put a time-table on  their war in Iraq.  Now they are demanding the same thing they were condemning just a few years ago. But who said the current crop of Republican politicians are consistent about anything except their complaining about the opposition party.

The Republicans are also demanding that we do everything possible to “take out” Kadhafi and provide total support the rebels in Libya. This seems another place where they as usual go off half-cocked. It is widely recognized that the world knows next to nothing about the rebel opposition in the country. They might be ultra extreme Muslims Jihadists for all we know. To put the success of this action on putting them in power seems tenuous at best. Just like everything else in this world time will only tell who would be the best leaders for that country. We can only wait to see how that shakes out.

But what do I know….