I Can't Figure It Out, So You Are On Your Own…

Source Article:¬†¬†Businesses turn to private exchange health insurance – USATODAY.com. This is an interesting article about how some CEOs are giving up trying to figure this health¬†insurance¬†mess out and passing it on to their employees and pensioners. They just give them a set sum of money and basically hand them over to some former insurance executives for advice. In other words they are on their … Continue reading I Can't Figure It Out, So You Are On Your Own…

Enough for Everyone

I must admit that I am becoming a big fan of Anthony Bourdain and his show No Reservations. Anthony is a TV celebrity/chef/author who travels to other countries to try to get a real feel for their culture and also their food. He doesn’t spend any time in the¬†touristy¬†places; he goes and meets the¬†real¬†people. Tony is kind of like the guy I would have liked … Continue reading Enough for Everyone

About The Bible — Part 1… What I believe

It has been a while since I have done any “deep” posts so this post will start a series on how I view the Bible and how that might differ from some mainline¬†denominations¬†today. ¬†The first two post are about how I personally view the Bible and other related Christian text. The third post is about how some of these belief are contrary to how others, … Continue reading About The Bible — Part 1… What I believe

Pre April 27 – (Republicans) – ¬†Obama is not a citizen so he is an invalid president Post April 27 – (Republicans) – Why is Obama wasting his time producing a birth certificate; he should be creating jobs!! Please stop the spin cycle – I was dry months ago…. Continue reading

What's Obama Doing Wasting Time….

GOP pivots on ‚Äėbirther‚Äô questions, blames Obama for media attention Ok, here it is. Now that President Obama finally tried to put the birther issue to rest the radical right in the Republican party are hitting on him for wasting time with providing his birth certificate! They say he should be producing more jobs instead of settling this issue. It is just totally amazing to … Continue reading What's Obama Doing Wasting Time….

Woodrow's Car… Staunton VA 2011

The picture shown above is of President Woodrow Wilson’s car from 1913 which is currently housed in his Presidential Library and Museum in Staunton Virginia. The library was somewhat spartan by today’s presidential libraries but it was well worth the visit. The reason I chose the his car to represent this visit is that it languished in¬†oblivion for nearly 50 years¬†before it finally found and … Continue reading Woodrow's Car… Staunton VA 2011

Don’t Confuse Me With Facts….

Over all, it (a poll) showed that Republicans who are considering making presidential bids will have to woo a party that largely identifies with the¬†Tea Party movement…. …more than half of Republican voters said they considered themselves Tea Party supporters ‚ÄĒ and has questions about¬†President Obama‚Äôs origin of birth. A plurality of Republican voters, 47 percent, said they believed Mr. Obama, who was born in … Continue reading Don’t Confuse Me With Facts….

Taking Ownership of Others Actions….

We Christians seem to like to take ownership of others actions. ¬†If a missionary is killed in South American we say that proves that we are suffering and dying for Jesus Christ. Somehow or another that death gets attached to our individual selves as if we were the ones who died. We just can’t live vicariously through other. We are each¬†responsible¬†for our own actions. The … Continue reading Taking Ownership of Others Actions….

Is the Internet the cause of much of today's "hate" talk?

I have grown totally tired of the comments sections that follow many of today’s new articles on the Internet. If it were possible I would blank them all out. We used to be a nation of civility. At least most of us didn’t get into each others faces ¬†to scream and rant. ¬†That civility seems to be a thing of the past the last few … Continue reading Is the Internet the cause of much of today's "hate" talk?

The Thing About Maryland….

This post is a continuation on reports of our recent vacation through West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, and Tennessee. As mentioned a few posts ago Maryland was generally not quite what I expected after reading the book “A Journey Through Hallowed Ground” by David Edwin Lillard. The book centered around a trip down US 15 from Gettysburg to Monticello. From the book’s description I was prepared … Continue reading The Thing About Maryland….

I was going to do the ceremonial first mowing of the yard today but with the storms last night and the corresponding cold front I guess I will have to put it off for a few days. I have come to enjoy mowing my 2 acre homestead; that is when I do my best thinking ūüôā Continue reading

Some "Great" Ideas From My Governor….

While the governor of Indiana, where I currently reside, is not a Tea Partier he does seem to think along the same line. First of all we were told when he first came into office that the reason that more businesses did not move to Indiana was because they thought we were backwards. ¬†The reason for us being backwards, at least according to him,was that … Continue reading Some "Great" Ideas From My Governor….


Sundays continue to be a strange time for me. Up until last November I could always be found in a church pew on Sunday morning. At that time I was told by my church of eight years that my views of God no longer aligned with what their denomination expected of members. Instead of going through an inquisition I choose to separate my self from … Continue reading Sundays???

At State Level, G.O.P. Seeks Big Environmental Cutbacks – NYTimes.com

Ok here is what is making the news today. ¬†See the full article via the link at the bottom of this post. It seems that some of these Tea Party electees think that not only is healthcare for the poor optional but so is clean air to breath and water to drink for all of us. ¬†They have declared that many of these environmental issues … Continue reading At State Level, G.O.P. Seeks Big Environmental Cutbacks – NYTimes.com

The Words We Choose….

It is strange how we choose different words from the Bible to latch on to. ¬†Yvonne and I just returned from a two-week vacation through West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia. ¬†We visited some historical sites there and some mentioned the Appalachian Baptist who made the foundation of their faith handling poisonous snakes. ¬†They centered their religious experiences on the Bible verse that goes “and they … Continue reading The Words We Choose….