About Those Taxes….

Having just survived another April 15th tax day has been topic on my mind. As I always say I am just a simple guy and all this tax mess seems to be easily fixed if the politicians just had to courage to do it.  But with all the loopholes in the current tax code there are at least thousands of people occupying each of them and they will not be very happy to see them disappear! They might have to start paying their fair share of keeping this great country running.

I know I am not the first fellow to come up with my own plan but here goes anyway. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread!  I kind of like the idea of when you buy something you should put a little extra into all the government agencies who make what you buy safe to use or eat. So, let’s put a tax on all purchase and I mean all. Putting exceptions on that sort of thing is where we got into the current trouble we are with all this stuff. So the big guys who buy the yachts and fancy cars will have to pony up a little extra when the get them. The same goes for the little guy who buys groceries. This tax is just part of the money coming in so it doesn’t need to be a big percentage. Let’s start out at two percent and see how that goes.

The second part of the RJ tax plan is paying a little back when you make some money.  I don’t care if it is from those yahoos on Wall Street or the over demanding boss on the job or even a pension payout. (now I got all the old folks against me!!) You have money coming in you pay the piper.  Money is money; where is comes from is not really relevant. Since our current legal system including the Supreme Court insists that corporations are actually people (that is a joke to me) then they are also included here. They make a profit they pay like every other “person”. No exclusions, tax breaks or exceptions.

Now for the elephant in the room and that is exemptions. One fellow’s exemption is another fellow’s loophole. Let’s eliminate all of them and I mean all of them. If you want to buy a house you shouldn’t expect the government to pay part of your mortgage so that exemption/loophole should disappear like all the rest. Now I know the story about all the rich folks creating all the jobs so they should get tax breaks and all the poor folks who are struggling but all of us should contribute what we can. That is why most of the money for government should come from income.

Next time I will finish up my version of a simplified tax code. I am a simple fellow so I should be pretty good at this stuff.

But what do I know…

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