The U.S. Postal Service Nears Collapse – BusinessWeek

Source:¬†The U.S. Postal Service Nears Collapse – BusinessWeek. Too bad the person who wrote this article didn’t snail mail it to everyone. It is seven pages long so it would have brought in big bucks to the USPS.ūüôā… Read More

Diners… Freehold NJ 1999

One thing I definitely miss about New Jersey is all the diners that were there. We frequented many of them but this one was perhaps our favorite. If you notice from the picture that gas prices were considerably… Read More

Big Red…

Before our New Jersey years we lived in a house on the north side of Indianapolis. While we were there we “adopted” two of the neighborhood cats that came to our door about to have kittens. Big Red,… Read More

Mom and Dad Are Getting a Divorce?????

The title to this post seems to be more frequent the last few years. When the kids are grown and out of the house (sometimes those are two totally separate eventsūüôā ) then Mom and Dad make the… Read More

If It's So Great Then…..

A couple of posts ago was about the so-called Republican plan to change Social Security. It is championed by Congressman Ryan. ¬†As I mentioned in that previous post this new social security is supposed to empower seniors to… Read More

Don't End It; Fix It…..

It is heartening to see that seniors medical care means something to the¬†nation as a whole. After the Republican defeat in the very conservative district in New York on Tuesday maybe they will get the message. Why do… Read More

Fix It Don't End It….

It is heartening to see that seniors medical care means something to the¬†nation as a whole. After the Republican defeat in the very conservative district in New York on Tuesday maybe they will get the message. Why do… Read More

I Kind of Figured….

The above cartoon kind of mirrors what I think of the Obama administration to date. I actively supported his candidacy for president based on his rhetoric during the¬†campaign. He said he was for change and I think the… Read More

Tell Me It Isn’t So……

The source:¬† The headline: Armstrong encouraged doping Tell me it isn’t so; Lance doped!! Here we are with another sports legend falling from grace. I often proudly admit that I know little to nothing about the sports world…. Read More

I Think I Might Be Canadian??

Here is another cross post with my blog “All I Know”. I couldn’t decide where to put it so I am posting it at both sites. I have a birth certificate that says I was born in Indianapolis… Read More

I Think I Might Be Canadian????

I have a birth certificate that says I was born in Indianapolis Indiana but many times in my life I have had the feeling that I just don’t belong here. With all the doubt about President Obama’s place… Read More

A Slight Miscalculation….

It wasn’t the end of the world just the end of Oprah.

Staunton, VA – April 2011

Here is one in Staunton Virginia near the Frontier Culture Museum. If you are ever in the area the museum is well worth the visit.

Grand Ole Opry, Nashville – April 2011

It seems I am drawn by bronze statues of people latelyūüôā ¬†Anyway here is one of Minnie Pearl from the Grand Ole Opry. Her most famous line was¬†¬†”How-dee!!! I’m just so proud to be here! ¬†I was not… Read More

The Grand Ole Opry…

I must admit up front that I have never been much of a country music fan. The folk music of ¬†Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Peter, Paul & Mary consumed my music tastes during my earlier hearing years. But… Read More

Paying Taxes….

This post is going to start a new category for me entitled “My Conservative Friend”. It will be about some conversations I have had with some of my conservative friends. It will also be about some of the… Read More

Merciless Meat Cleaver vs. Compassionate Scalpel..

I see where Indiana’s¬†Governor¬†just signed a law to take another layer of healthcare away from those who cannot afford to pay on their own. ¬†He is de-funding Planned Parenthood because up to 3% of what they do is… Read More

And Then There Was Andy……

The last presidential home we visited on our April vacation was the Hermitage of Andrew Jackson. I must admit that I had read various things about “Stonewall” before I visited and there was not much of what I… Read More

Deja Va All Over Again…

Ryan Says Medicare Plan Would Empower Seniors to Seek Cost-Cutting Plans By¬†Brian Faler¬†–¬†May 17, 2011 8:52 AM ET Source article:¬† This article was like a giant leap back twenty years for me. I can remember when my employer… Read More

Freemason Abby @ Norfolk VA – April 2011

Here is a pretty good place to eat that is just down the road from the USS Wisconsin in the previous post. It is pretty much “old school” but well maintained and seemed to have a pretty good… Read More

America's Number One Export? – Part 4

This is the final post on looking for the U.S. number one export. ¬†Maybe I am just an idealistic dreamer but I am hoping that this one is our actual number one export. Is there a commodity that… Read More

Museum of the Cherokee Indian

Here is one of the final destinations on our trip in April of this year. Since my great-grandmother was a Shawnee squaw I have a definite interest in native american culture and history. In some ways I value… Read More

Northern Wisconsin – October 2010

This looked like a working farm but I couldn’t figure out the white fence.


I’m going to do a¬†restaurant¬†review here. No I am not Tony Bourdain but then again I didn’t need any reservations to get in. ¬†The restaurant is called¬†Salsa¬†in ¬†down town Asheville North Carolina. We ate there during our recent… Read More

America's Number One Export? – Part 3

OK,¬†here is another shot at trying to decide what we in the U.S. are true experts about and therefore export more of than any other country. I don’t claim to be a sage about this sort of thing… Read More