The U.S. Postal Service Nears Collapse – BusinessWeek

Source:¬†The U.S. Postal Service Nears Collapse – BusinessWeek. Too bad the person who wrote this article didn’t snail mail it to everyone. It is seven pages long so it would have brought in big bucks to the USPS. ūüôā Seriously though (at least as serious as I get on this blog) the postal service is in pretty deep trouble and it is not going to … Continue reading The U.S. Postal Service Nears Collapse – BusinessWeek

Memorial Day….

Being Memorial Day it is a time to mourn all the people who have lost their lives in the world’s many wars. If only we would learn the lessons of Jesus they could all have been prevented. God¬†grieves¬†with every death, especially when we futilely take up weapons against each other. Jesus said two thing encompass all God’s laws: To love God with all our hearts … Continue reading Memorial Day….

An Act of God???

Given the large loss of life due to the Goplin Missouri tornadoes recently I got to thinking about why we call tornadoes and other such events an act of God? Isn’t it really just an¬†occurrence¬†in nature? Did God really¬†conger¬†up these weather events to kill so many people in that city? ¬†Many search throughout the Bible for the answers to these types of questions and they … Continue reading An Act of God???

If It's So Great Then…..

A couple of posts ago was about the so-called Republican plan to change Social Security. It is championed by Congressman Ryan. ¬†As I mentioned in that previous post this new social security is supposed to empower seniors to get the best plan available but they limit the choices to private insurance companies. I personally have had enough dealings with those for-profit insurance guys to know … Continue reading If It's So Great Then…..

Tell Me It Isn’t So……

The source:¬† The headline: Armstrong encouraged doping Tell me it isn’t so; Lance doped!! Here we are with another sports legend falling from grace. I often proudly admit that I know little to nothing about the sports world. When I was younger I like all kids had my favorite sports idols. For me it was Duke Snider of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Duke could do¬†everything¬†as far … Continue reading Tell Me It Isn’t So……

What Does “I am a Christian” Really Mean??

Has the phrase “I am a Christian” lost its meaning in today’s world? A Christian¬†is a person who adheres to¬†Christianity, an¬†Abrahamic, monotheistic¬†religion¬†based on the life and teachings of¬†Jesus of Nazareth¬†as recorded in the¬†Canonical gospels¬†and the letters of the¬†New Testament. That is one definition out of many. Here are some of the words in Wikipedia describing a “Christian”: The term “Christian” is also used adjectivally to … Continue reading What Does “I am a Christian” Really Mean??

Paying Taxes….

This post is going to start a new category for me entitled “My Conservative Friend”. It will be about some conversations I have had with some of my conservative friends. It will also be about some of the conversation I have yet to have with them. Yes, even though they deem me a liberal I still have some conservative friends; in fact some of them … Continue reading Paying Taxes….

About the Bible

Source: Just a short note to refer you to the article above. It is about the Bible and how it was written. For those who think the Bible is 100% from God this article will probably be somewhat disturbing. The article reports that through the ages many believe that most of the books of the Bible were probably not actually written by those whose … Continue reading About the Bible

Christian Spending on Massive Churches???

Source:¬† The above article is about the ten most beautiful churches in the world. Since I take my life lessons from Jesus I went to his words to find his opinion about building monoliths to God. I did not see anything that remotely suggested that God wants us to spend massive amounts of our resources in monuments to Him. Quite the opposite appears to be … Continue reading Christian Spending on Massive Churches???

Merciless Meat Cleaver vs. Compassionate Scalpel..

I see where Indiana’s¬†Governor¬†just signed a law to take another layer of healthcare away from those who cannot afford to pay on their own. ¬†He is de-funding Planned Parenthood because up to 3% of what they do is abortions. The other 97% are for completely other things. This brings up the title for this post. ¬†It seems the¬†Republicans¬†insist on yielding a merciless meat cleaver where … Continue reading Merciless Meat Cleaver vs. Compassionate Scalpel..

And Then There Was Andy……

The last presidential home we visited on our April vacation was the Hermitage of Andrew Jackson. I must admit that I had read various things about “Stonewall” before I visited and there was not much of what I read that I liked. After visiting his home just outside of Nashville Tennessee and learning more about him I can say I like him even less today. … Continue reading And Then There Was Andy……

Deja Va All Over Again…

Ryan Says Medicare Plan Would Empower Seniors to Seek Cost-Cutting Plans By¬†Brian Faler¬†–¬†May 17, 2011 8:52 AM ET Source article:¬† This article was like a giant leap back twenty years for me. I can remember when my employer started taking benefits away from us. His constant mantra was he “was empowering us to ____ (fill in the blank)”. This statement was always followed by a … Continue reading Deja Va All Over Again…


I’m going to do a¬†restaurant¬†review here. No I am not Tony Bourdain but then again I didn’t need any reservations to get in. ¬†The restaurant is called¬†Salsa¬†in ¬†down town Asheville North Carolina. We ate there during our recent trip through West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, and Tennessee. I know this is NC and not on the list. We didn’t actually know we were going to go … Continue reading Salsas….

America's Number One Export? – Part 2

This is a continuation of the search for the U.S. number one export. Is there a commodity that the U.S. exports much more of than any other country? Could our number one export be Bravado (some call it Machismo)? We certainly like to strut around and show the world how “manly” we are. I wished it didn’t but this even seems to apply to some … Continue reading America's Number One Export? – Part 2

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees…

When¬†it comes to the Bible some Christians seem to fall to the concept of ¬†“can’t see the forest for the trees”. ¬†That is they concentrate so much on the words they totally miss the underlying messages. Some, at the drop of a pin, can quote chapter and verse for many of the sayings in the bible. I am definitely not one of those people. Yes, … Continue reading Can’t See the Forest for the Trees…

America's Number One Export?

This post will start a series on the search for the U.S. Number one export. It is widely known that the U.S. has a¬†mammoth¬†trade¬†deficit. We import much more than we export. I can’t understand why this isn’t considered a factor in our current government¬†deficit¬†talks. Sending all those $billions to foreign makers seems just as, or maybe more detrimental, than the government borrowing money much of … Continue reading America's Number One Export?