Deja Va All Over Again…

Ryan Says Medicare Plan Would Empower Seniors to Seek Cost-Cutting Plans

By Brian Faler – May 17, 2011 8:52 AM ET

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This article was like a giant leap back twenty years for me. I can remember when my employer started taking benefits away from us. His constant mantra was he “was empowering us to ____ (fill in the blank)”. This statement was always followed by a new way of doing something. Hidden in the words was a 20-40% cut in that particular benefit.  I don’t think I was the only one who could see through this scheme of his. And I don’t think, actually I know, he was not the only employer to use this tactic.  A wave of empowerment came over us as he was cutting costs in order to raise his profits. During that time the word empowered became a vulgarity.

Twenty years have passed since empowerment became the buzz word for cutting costs and shifting the burden onto our individual backs. Surely Congressman Ryan and the Republicans can come up with a new word for bilking the middle class in order to keep the money in his rich friends’ pockets. Here is another politician who thinks the answer to our healthcare crisis is to cut availability instead of attacking the cost increases themselves.

  • Is it really necessary for surgeons to make $10,000 for a one hour procedure?
  • Is it really necessary for hospitals to charge $30 for a tube of tooth paste?
  • Is all the paperwork the medical establishment is drowning in really necessary?
  • Do we really have to give a patient an MRI for a bruised knee cap?
  • Is it really necessary to every hospital in the area to have their own very expensive medical machine?

These are the types of questions that those in Washington and elsewhere should be asking. How do we get the costs down, not how do we put more burden on those who are already up to their ears in it. I want to make it clear that I put this charge on both the Republicans and the Democrats; neither seems to be concentrating on controlling the costs themselves. The rest of the world spends much less per citizen on healthcare than we do and most actually live longer than we do. The secret almost all of them have learned is a single payer system, often government-run, such as Medicare is today for us.

There are many in the world who probably think we are some kind of a joke since we can’t seem to learn what they learned years ago. Most, but I’m not sure a majority of Republicans, even realize that some things that are critical to life that need to be regulated by a group representing the people. Healthcare should definitely be one of those things.

The Republican’s solution to all this mess, at least Congressman Ryan’s, is to pass this burden to each of us individually. It is up to each of us to go it alone even though we might be as sick as a dog 🙂  to fight the big insurance companies and other over-chargers in order to get the care we need.  The Republicans seem to be getting pretty good at taking power away from people; just look at the union busting stuff they did in Wisconsin lately. And of course another tool they are trying to put back in place as a roadblock for us  in the healthcare area is to bring back “pre-existing conditions”. They are doing that by trying to eliminate Obamacare which is the one tiny step forward that has already been made.

But what do I know….

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