Tell Me It Isn’t So……

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Armstrong encouraged doping

Tell me it isn’t so; Lance doped!! Here we are with another sports legend falling from grace. I often proudly admit that I know little to nothing about the sports world. When I was younger I like all kids had my favorite sports idols. For me it was Duke Snider of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Duke could do everything as far as I was concerned. But then I grew up and realized that he was just another guy who had a certain ability to hit a ball with a stick and for that he got paid a bunch of money (at least by the 1950s standard). There is the old saying about when we get older we put away our childish things. I guess that happened to me with pretty much all sports.

But there are those kids of all ages who still idolize their sports figures. They cling to them as if to live out their dreams through them. They spend hundreds of dollars buying jerseys, helmets, and such of their idol’s team. It must be quite troubling to see them fall one after another. Lance Armstrong is indeed one of those idols for many today. Many thought he was the purest of the pure. To learn of his evidently frequent drug enhancing use is upsetting. But it does show that he was just another guy who was good at something that brought in large sums of money.

Maybe we need to find a category to idolize outside sports figures?

  • How about public servants? Oh wait a minute; isn’t some politician almost weekly found to be dishonorable?
  • How about successful business leaders? Wait a minute; didn’t we just go through a bunch of Wall Street scandals? And then of course there was Enron.
  • How about clergymen? Surely they are immune? Oh wait a minute; didn’t we just go through a bunch of clergy pedophiles scandals in the Catholic church?
  • Is there any group that safely deserves our admiration?

I don’t know why we insist on putting people on these pedestals only to find that they are, for the most part, just ordinary people like all of us. My three main idols, none of whom are jocks, are long dead so I don’t suppose their foibles will be discovered now to throw them off their throne. But you never know.

And the journey goes on….

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