About Representative Bachmann……

I see from the pundits reports of the first Republican Presidential debate that the House member from Minnesota is considered one of the front runners in the coming election. It looks like she has stole Ms. Palin’s thunder. Maybe they will run together for the White House. Wouldn’t that be something to watch! 😉

In a previous post I mentioned that the Republican Party is founded on four things: God, Guns, Guts, and Country. Here is a picture of Rep. Bachmann proudly combined all of those things. Her office door is plastered with a shooting rage target with many holes through the pictured torso. She holds an American flag containing a gun permit. And of course she is wearing a denim jacket to show the world that she is a “Sarah Palin” rouge. Some one on her staff probably spent weeks coming up with all the ideas for this picture.

The only thing missing from the picture is the God part. I heard the illustrious congresswoman is a graduate of Oral Roberts University so she’s got that one covered too. If any of you don’t know who  Oral Roberts was here is my version of him. He was a popular tele-evangelist in his day. When his television empire was imploding, like they all seem to do, he was forced to sell quite a bit of his properties including his Beverly Hills estate and his Palm Spring home along with several of his Mercedes cars. The poor guy only ended up with six houses to live in. I don’t know how he managed. I’m getting off track here….

So it is clear that Michelle, if I can call her by her first name,  is properly aligned with  the Tea Party wing of her party. But what I don’t see about her is that she really cares much about us simple folks. If she ever hopes to get my vote she needs to let the caring side of  her religious upbringing come through.  At some point she will have to get away from all that complaining and actually do something.   But that would be pretty unusual for any politician now days. When I look at this picture my hero a Will Rogers quotes comes to mind.

“Common sense is not an issue in politics, it’s an affliction”

It doesn’t look like the congresswoman has any afflictions in that area.

But what do I know….

The Rites of Retirement….

One of the rites of retirement is being able to take a vacation pretty much whenever you want.  Well, my wife and I want! We will soon be heading out for our Canada and New England trip. This one could take up to a month of our time. That is another privilege of retirement, we can take as long as needed.  We have a house sitter who will take care of our animals and such as long as we are gone.

We plan on going into Canada via Wisconsin and then traveling the interior to Ottawa. Then up the St. Lawrence seaway to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Coming back we will go through New England to NYC for a visit to Ground Zero and then westward toward home. This is going to be one of our freestyle vacations in that we don’t have a day-to-day itinerary planned. My wife loves it that way; me not so much. So I have been sneaking in some plans for some of the major cities such as Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, and Charlestown.

On our last major trip in 2009 I pretty much blogged everyday. I can’t make that promise this time as I just don’t know when we will have internet connections and even if I want to take the time to do it.  But I am an avid journal writer so it’s not much of an additional chore. I still refer to the blog entries (found here under “In The Slow Lane/On the Road” to remember our daily adventures on that one.

I took two years of french in high school but that was almost 50 years ago so I don’t think that will do me much good in Quebec. I know they are a pompous bunch in that city so even though they might know English they often stubbornly refuse to speak it there 🙂 .

So if you don’t see as many of my posts as usual you will know why. We think we are safe from winter storms being we are going in July but you never know.  Yvonne, who packs for everything will probably put some blankets and such in our trusty HHR for this trip.

And the journey goes on….

It's Done

It’s Done… (but it’s never really done)

I finally completed the merging of five of my six blogs to this site! I hope you like what you find here. Don’t forget to bookmark this new blog and remove any of my old ones (I will not be closing them but they will no longer be updated).  This will make my life a little simpler and make it easier for you to see all of what I have to offer in the blog world. I have also purchased one of the premium themes (Tapestry) to make your browsing a little more pleasurable. If you have any comments let me know. I welcome your input.

As the title says this work is done but it really never is done (at least for me). Being a retired IT guy I am always tweaking things to try to make them better. Tweaking and planning are just part of my ingrained nature 🙂

I’m Getting Too Serious For My Own Good….

The Democrats take the whole thing as a joke. Republicans take it serious, but run it like it was a joke   — Will Rogers

Some of my posts lately have just been too serious for my own good. I can feel my blood pressure rise as I am writing them. One of the main reasons for this blog is to have fun writing about things about things that deserve being poked. I thoroughly enjoy putting words to paper (or electronic ink in this case). But I just have to step back from some of the topics I choose to pursue.

But I need to take some lessons from my hero Will Rogers (that is his caricature to the right). One of Will’s most famous quotes was I never met a fellow I didn’t like. I need to keep that quote in mind with every post I put here.Will never dissed those he wrote about or he never took himself too seriously. I need to learn those lessons.

If I can’t poke some friendly jabs at the topic then I will move on to other subjects. Life is too short to get all upset about things happening around us.  Particularly for us in our senior years. Let’s face it, beside for privatizing Social Security and Medicare most other topics will not be settled until after most of us seniors have already “met our maker”.

But all this talk doesn’t mean that I will quit poking fun at all my Republican friends. There is just too much material there to pass up. But I don’t intend to take them very seriously in anything they say anymore. None of them should either.  The whole lot of them need to step back once in a while and laugh a little. It just seems that politics and humor go hand in hand. Always has and always will.  A good portion of Will Rogers posts in the many newspapers of the time was about politics since I am trying to emulate him here I will likely do the same.

One other thing I am going to try to do is to always finish up a post with a quote from Will. Sometimes they will be related to the my post and sometimes not. I’m too lazy to always find a corresponding quote for the topic at hand.  So here I come with my new improved “All I Know” postings. As part of this new, less serious, line I will also be moving this blog in with my others at RJ’s Corner. This will be the last post on this site so come on over to my corner of the blog world to see more about what I know.

But what do I know…..