What To Do About Medicare??

No this post is not about how to gut Medicare as seems to be the topic of today. Instead it is about my personal travels of getting signed up for it. As I announced before I am at the head of the herd of the Baby Boomers so I will be joining Medicare this year. As a result I am starting to try to figure out all the ancillary policies I need to get.  The free side of Medicare is really only Part A. (Note: I don’t intend to bore you with what all these letters and things mean so maybe you will be inclined to hang around this post a while longer.) 🙂  Anyway I have to pay some for Part B and my pension plans says I need to get that so that is a done deal. But then comes the other things. Do I go out on my own and get Part D and a “supplemental” policy or do I continue to stick with the policy that my pension plan offers?  That is the primary question I guess I have to cover in the next few months.

I have been on my pension plan for about over ten years now. It has gone from about $40/month when I started to more than ten times that amount this year. I just don’t know how getting on Medicare is going to change their policy coverage and amounts. Since my birthday falls on the same month as the pension plan insurance renewal info is available I guess I will have to make some quick decisions about this change in my life.

Even though she might not like it I have to admit that my wife is older than I am so we have already addressed some of these topics before. For her it was cheaper to drop off the “covered spouse” portion of the policy and go it alone. Given the fact that my pension plan still frequently states that, since I was a management employee and not under a union contract as my hourly friends were, they are under no obligations to continue to provide me with healthcare assistance maybe I should just dump them and get it over with. But since they keep complaining about it maybe they do put in at least a little of their profits into my coverage.

Whoever said living in retirement was a simple life obviously never considered all the complications of senior healthcare.  I guess I should be thankful that Medicare will be even there for me. At least I think it will be unless the Republicans try to “fast track” replacing it. I paid into it for over thirty years so I think I should get something for all that money I paid in. I know the politicians borrowed it for other things but how is that so much different from the treasury bills I currently hold in my retirement portfolio? Oh boy, maybe I should be worrying about that too!!

I’m sure my Canadian friends who might be reading this post are getting a laugh out of all of this since they have universal coverage both before and after retirement these types of issues don’t exist for them. Maybe someday the U.S. might actually learn something about this for our northern neighbors. But I kind of doubt it.

And the journey goes on….

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