On The Road — Interstate Driving is Tiring…..

Made another 500 miles today so should be home sometime tomorrow. Usually I don’t spend a lot of time on the Interstates. I prefer State roads and a more casual drive. In the last three days I have… Read More

Going Home….

My wife has decided that she wants to go home so we will head out this morning. It will take two to three days to get there from here. Since she is not feeling well I will be… Read More

On The Road — Bangor Maine

Here I am banging on the keyboard in Bangor Maine. We made about 500 miles today which is the most for one day on this vacation. Unfortunately I had to do almost all the driving. My wife started… Read More

On The Road –Thoughts about Canada

Since I had a laid back  few days of letting my wife savor her view I thought I would pen some of my closing thoughts about Canada and the people we have met here. Canada has a complicated… Read More

On The Road–More about Lunenburg Nova Scotia…

Not much to report today. We did wander into town for about four hours yesterday for lunch, shopping, and picking up food for our in-room supper tonight. Lunenburg is a very picturesque town as shown in this picture… Read More

Wilson Quote

Deja Vu all over again. Wilson said this almost one hundred years ago. Will the current crop of willful men finally do it? A little group of willful men, representing no opinion but their own, have rendered the… Read More

On The Road–Hello from Nova Scotia…

I am sitting in a small motel room in Lunenburg Nova Scotia writing these words waiting for my wife to wake up to tell me what she has planned, or maybe doesn’t have planned for the day. Lunenburg… Read More

All I Know — Grow a Backbone…..

All this political foolishness is getting insane. I just wish the president would grow a backbone and tell congress to give him what they gave the previous president seven times. Give him a “clean” bill that raises the… Read More

Will Rogers Quote

Will Rogers answer to education reform. It makes sense to me. . . . why don’t they pass a Constitutional Amendment prohibiting anybody learning anything? And if it works as good as the Prohibition one did, in 5… Read More

On The Road — Day 14 – Here is to you Anne…

Here we are already beginning our third week of our Canadian adventure. Today we did something that we don’t often do and that is take a tour bus. We decided instead of driving the 100 or so miles… Read More

On The Road — PEI and the Canadian Federation….

Today we spent the day meandering around the city of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. The island is much bigger than I thought. I expect it is 50 miles or more long and 20 or so wide. It is… Read More

On The Road — Oh Those Acadians….

We had a wonderful day at the Acadian village yesterday. We got there just as it opened at 10am and spend the next four hours experiencing the Acadian life of the 19th century. We had a little rain… Read More

All I Know — "White House shifts in unpredictable debt debate"

White House shifts in unpredictable debt debate – USATODAY.com. Political analyst Darrell West of the Brookings Institution said the administration’s willingness to adjust when the situation warrants could put the president at an advantage. “Leaders have to adapt… Read More

On The Road — Day 11 – Those Ornery Acadians…..

We Moved from our hotel this morning about 180 km to Riviere-du-Nord to visit a historic Acadian village. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with us today. We spent most of the morning and afternoon in constant rain…. Read More

On The Road — Goodbye Quebec Province…

This will be a short post as I have already done one today. Here we are at the end of day 10 of our Canadian adventure and we are now in New Brunswick Canada. As I had hoped… Read More

On The Road – Day 10 – Oh What a Beautiful Morning…

I watched the sun come up this morning over the St. Lawrence River. It was 5:00am here when that event occurred.  It turns out that the bed in our little motel room just proved to be too hard… Read More

All I Know — My Peculiar Medical Condition…

I seem to have a medical condition that is somewhat rare today.  No I am not talking about Cochlear Otosclorosis that caused my deafness  many years ago but one maybe even more rare. That condition is called a… Read More

On The Road — Day 9 — Another Interesting Day….You Can't….

It seems every day in our visit to Canada is not without its challenges. But, then again that is what makes life interesting I guess.  It is kind of like in 1987 during our first vacation as a… Read More

On The Road — Adieu Quebec…

This is day 8 of our Canadian adventure and we just left Quebec City. That was the last major city we will see in Canada. While Quebec was much more enjoyable than Montreal it was still a hectic… Read More

Debt Bomb….

If the Republicans want to commit suicide this is probably the way to do it. But why take the country down with you????? Maybe we will just stay in Canada.      

On The Road — Au revoir Montreal….

When I made the post this morning I commented that since it was Sunday morning our trip through Montreal would be a leisurely one. I was sooooo WRONG!!   We did get to the two sites on our… Read More

Will Rogers Quote…

‎[Republicans] take care of big money for big money takes care of them. Will Rogers-September 20, 1931 RJ — Not much has changed in 80 years….

On The Road — On a Sunday Morning…

Here I am sitting in our hotel room on a Sunday morning blogging again. Somewhere along my long life path I became a morning person; I do my best thinking then. It would be nice to read a… Read More

All I Know … About the Debt Ceiling

I have been a little shy about wading in on the debt ceiling stuff that is going on right now.  As you know I like to make jokes about what I say here and those Republicans in Congress… Read More

On the Road — Parlez vous français?

Here it is at the end of day seven and we are now fully immersed into the providence of Quebec.  It seems that everywhere we went in Ontario there was always an English sign followed by one in… Read More