On The Road — Au revoir Montreal….

When I made the post this morning I commented that since it was Sunday morning our trip through Montreal would be a leisurely one. I was sooooo WRONG!!   We did get to the two sites on our agenda but it took almost four hours of driving to get there.  At first I decided to try to navigate using  just the atlas. I found Mont Royal on the map and after a few misdirected turns and about 45 minutes of bumper to bumper traffic we were at that location. The trouble was that it was not “Parc du” Mont Royal. So after admitting I couldn’t get us there (it takes a lot of gumption for us guys to admit to something like that) we turned the task over to our OnStar friends.  They said with a laugh we only missed our destination by about eight miles (they don’t do kilometers at OnStar).

We were then directed through several streets and told to turn left which would have been the wrong way on a one-way street several time. After re-routing and taking about a half hour to go the 8 miles we were there. The view of the city was everything we thought it would be. There is a picture of it here. It was about a half mile walk from the parking lot to the site in a sunny 90 degree day. Yeah I guess it gets up to 90 degrees in Canada too.

After the Parc du Mont Royal we decided to try to see the Olympic complex here.  That was the one for the 1976 olympics I think.  My manhood was too fragile to take another serious hit so we let OnStar take us there. As usual there were several misdirected turns and about an hour of driving but we did get there. We turned into the visitor parking area and were told the parking would be $13. That seemed pretty high but since we had suffered all the near collisions with the crazy french drivers we paid the price.  As usual there were no elevators there for us senior citizens so it was up a few steep stairs and finally to the big pylon that hung over the complex. It was pretty neat but it does show its 40 years of age.  We planned to go up to the top but for that they charged another $20 apiece so we skipped that.  We did get into the sports area without paying any extra. It was smaller than it looked on the outside.

Anyway after four hours of fighting bumper-to-bumper traffic we decided we had seen enough of Montreal and headed north. We are now in Trois -Rivieres just south of Quebec. If we can get some of our unsettled nerves calmed down we will try a short hop in to Quebec tomorrow and then it is on to the St. Lawrence seaway up to Nova Scotia.  I don’t anticipate that there will be much of a traffic problem  up there but since I was so wrong about Montreal who knows.

And the journey goes on…..

On The Road — On a Sunday Morning…

Here I am sitting in our hotel room on a Sunday morning blogging again. Somewhere along my long life path I became a morning person; I do my best thinking then. It would be nice to read a paper, I mean the actual paper kind, that just seems to be more soothing for Sundays but since we could only discover the french version that isn’t happening. I’m looking out the window at a twelve lane road going into Montreal and it is hard to believe that it really is Sunday morning. Wait a minute I had better check on the date; yeah it is Sunday 😉

We decided to go into Montreal this morning and visit a few places, particularly Mont Royale and Olympic Park. They are right off the highway so we shouldn’t get too lost.  I want to see a few things in Quebec too so we thought the dash-in, dash-out approach would be a good one.  We don’t want to spend our entire vacations in the big cities. The purpose of this trip was to travel along the St. Lawrence seaway and visit Nova Scotia; that is country stuff not city stuff.  So in a few hours we will be on our way. That is if I can get myself moving.  I forgot to shave yesterday and Yvonne didn’t appreciate that so that is a must on my morning agenda today.

For those of you who read more than the “On the Road” stuff, you can see that I posted something about the Republicans and their debt stuff here.  Well that got me to thinking about a similarity between the French here in Quebec and the Republicans.  I don’t mean to necessarily insult either group by this sameness but I probably have insulted both.  Anyway, here goes. The French in Canada are pretty much the same as the Republicans in the U.S. in that they want it totally their way.  The french want french speaking signs everywhere in Canada but just a few English signs here in their providence. The Republicans want to solve this debt problems that primarily they got us into with only their solutions and won’t accept anything that they don’t like.

My wife said “Don’t go comparing the French Canadians to the Republicans; the french love President Obama and you might hurt their feelings!”  Well first of all my readership might be sizeable but I don’t think too many french are readers of my blog. And secondly I am just a guy who likes to poke fun at all my friends; even my french and especially my Republican ones. 🙂

Anyway I had better get moving now and get the beard shaved and shower taken so we can be on the road.  Oh just one more difference we have discovered in Canada, they don’t offer free breakfasts here or anything else free for that matter.

But what do I know…..

All I Know … About the Debt Ceiling

I have been a little shy about wading in on the debt ceiling stuff that is going on right now.  As you know I like to make jokes about what I say here and those Republicans in Congress are making me look like an abject amateur in that area. Most of this same group of yahoos rubber stamped seven (yeah seven) debt increases during baby Bush’s eight years in office. We did not even hear a peep out of them about anything to do with future generations or all those things we are hearing now.

The merrily passed all the expenses for Mr. Bush’s two foreign wars on to future generations by keeping them “off books”. Now all of a sudden they got religion and decided that debt is a bad thing and we can’t solve it in a rational manner because to them it is all of a sudden a huge emergency.  Could it possibly be due to the fact that there is now a Democrat in the executive office? They just didn’t seem to see a problem during the last eight years! All this stuff that is going on now is pure unadulterated politics and  nothing else! I think the average guy can see through all of this; I’m pretty average and it seems all to obvious to me 😉

All this stuff is politics pure and simple. If Mr. McCain were in office it would be business as usual on annual debt ceiling increases and passing our war bills onto future generations. That was all fine and dandy while a Republican held the White House. I just hope those jokesters in Washington don’t put us into yet another financial crisis like they did in 2008 by refusing to raise the debt this time. It takes them eight years of letting the CEOs have control of business to get us into the messes they did and now they proclaim that Mr. Obama should have been able to fix all that stuff in a year and a half so now he is to blame for everything now.  If these guys (and gals, I don’t want to be called a sexist) cause yet another financial melt down with all this “we won’t raise the debt ceiling” jokes I hope they will have to pay the piper in next years elections. But like always they think all us folks who put them in office have very short memories.

Personally I agree with the Republicans (don’t tell my Democrat friends) that our government are spending too much money and they have been for almost ten years now.  They need to find the purse strings and close them up some.  But we can do that in a sensible manner; it doesn’t have to be a big panic that sets us off into another depression. I can’t let this go by without sharing what Will Rogers said about this kind of stuff almost eighty years ago

Politics is applesauce. I hope I never get so old that I can’t peep behind the scenes and see the amount of politics that is mixed in this medicine before it is dished out as pure statesmanship.

Both parties have their good times and bad times at different times. Good when they are out. Bad when they are in.

But what do I know….