Gambling or Not??

It seems that stock market trading is quite different from when I was dabbling in it in the past. In those days I studied several different parameter including the P/E ratios and such before deciding which company to… Read More

Reflections — Ottawa Canada July 2011

Give them an "F"

Source: Column: Washington leadership’s grade is a solid F – Cal: McConnell and Boehner, challenge the wealthy. The “rich” should be the model for reaching out and helping people so that we can have less government and lower taxes…. Read More

A Song Still In Us??….

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them. Henry David Thoreau These are words written by Thoreau in his famous book Walden Pond.  Anybody who has read any… Read More

Be An Attentive Idler…..

A Quaker friend recently introduced me to the concept of attentive idling. The concept is so thought provoking I want to pass it on to all you seniors out there.  The idea behind these words is that all… Read More

All I Know — And Then There is…

Let me bring up the same Lincoln quote that I used yesterday but this time for another purpose: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. Abraham Lincoln I… Read More

Quotes – The Wisdom of Lincoln

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. Abraham Lincoln I haven’t put up a Lincoln quote in quite a while so here is one that interlaces with what… Read More

All I Know — Ignoring History…

source: GOP ignores growth despite ’90s tax hikes – As I have mentioned several times before I am a history buff and have been for more than fifty years now.  So, I am a believer in the saying… Read More

In The Slow Lane – Another Quebec Mural

  As promised here is another mural found on the side of a building during our recent visit to  Old Town Quebec.

All I Know – Where Did Our Debt Come From??

Source:  Golden decade is ending for defense industry, and stocks – The article above is about how our defense budgets and prosperity of the our military contractors might be taking a hit in the coming years of… Read More

The Sounds of Silence…

It has been a while since I relayed any stories about my deafness so I thought I would present one here. One of my favorite singer/composers was Simon and Garfunkel from the 1960’s. I still have all their… Read More

Seniors Only — The Ever Diminishing Senior

I shrink a little more each day. I am among a rather small percentage of men who suffer from severe osteoporosis. That along with three compression fractures that were caused by falling on ice about eight years ago has caused… Read More

All I Know — How About a War Tax??

Source: Anyone who has seen much of this blog, particularly the “All I Know” category knows that I am pretty much anti-war in all regards. So, when I ran across the above article it immediately caught my attention…. Read More

Remaking Yourself in Your Senior Years…

The condition called midlife crisis is pretty well documented. That is where a person is beginning the second half of his life and realizes that things aren’t going as planned. The response to that sometimes is constructive but… Read More

All I Know — Stop Coddling the Super-Rich

Stop Coddling the Super-Rich – Click on the above to see an op-ed piece by Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world. It clearly says something very different than the current Republican party mantra…. Read More

All I Know – About those Jokes…

This is going to be kind of serious post. It is hard to be humorous about this topic. I just went through a comments round with an old high school classmate and her friends on Facebook recently. She… Read More

In The Slow Lane — Quebec Mural

This mural was on the side of a building in old city Quebec. We took this picture while there in July 2011.

Senior Aspirations…

Once a person reaches their senior years should all the aspirations have been completed? First of all I guess I should make clear just which definition of the noun I am talking about. The aspiration I am talking about… Read More

All I Know — Vote Them All Out……

If you think too much about being re-elected, it is very difficult to be worth re-electing.  Woodrow Wilson I don’t talk much about one of my heroes and that is Woodrow Wilson.  I find that so much of… Read More

About Passions..

I know of people who think having a passion about something is a detriment. They say “why are you going overboard about this (or that)”? This topic can be applied across life’s spectrum but I will try to… Read More

All I Know…Getting Back in the Saddle….

OK, this mountainous Canadian cold is finally beginning to loosen its grip on me so I will start my regular blogging again soon. There is so much that has happened since my hiatus it is hard to even try to figure out… Read More

Back Home Again In Indiana….

We made it home from Nova Scotia on Sunday afternoon. After doctors appointments on Monday we learned that my wife has a pretty severe eye infection and a rough Canadian cold. I can personally attest to the cold… Read More