All I Know — And Then There is…

Let me bring up the same Lincoln quote that I used yesterday but this time for another purpose:

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. Abraham Lincoln

I can say that more often than not this quote is applicable to people especially politicians.  But one case where it is not true is with President Obama. When he was campaigning in 2008 his speeches gave me such a reason for hope that I regularly supported him in seeking the presidency. When he opened his mouth he inspired me. I dreamed that he would be a strong and forceful president who shared many of my ideals. Unfortunately his actions have not began to live up to his words.

Yes, he did get a fragment of his universal healthcare through congress but what passed is so watered down it hardly resembles anything but a mandate to buy private insurance. For that reason I will not be surprised if it is eventually deemed unconstitutional by our radical right Supreme Court. President Obama is just long on words but seemingly short on action. He did start out drawing some compassionate lines in the sand but he then very quickly rubbed out that line backed up several steps and drew another line. This process repeated itself until his opponents eventually get what they wanted. Yes, I understand that the almost totally vitriol atmosphere in Washington these days stymied his attempts but I would like to have seen him not cave in under the pressure so much. Sometimes it is better to take a stand and lose rather than give up your principles. Maybe I am being unduly harsh of the president but that is only because I expected so much from him that I hold him to a higher standard.

These experiences have almost totally turned me off to politics. I no longer even watch the daily news. I am now a believer in the old saying “No news is good news”. I just want to live the remainder of my life with as little politics as possible. I will likely give a tepid support for our president in the next election but that is mainly because whoever will be running against him will likely be the opposite of what I would want in the leader of the free world. I want a president who is compassionate and actually acts on that compassion by doing whatever it takes. Too bad the Obama of 2008 can’t run against the Obama of 2011.

The only thing I could get enthusiastic about in the political arena is if we as a people can send a very clear message, I mean a crystal clear one, that we are utterly tired of what they have been doing the last few years. It seems the only way we can get that message across is to vote ALL of the current crop of politicians out of office. Anything short of that would probably not get their attention.  But, since we are so divided as a citizenry, maybe this is a chicken/egg type thing, I doubt  we could ever come together with even that message.

But what do I know…

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