I’m Against It Because He’s For It…..

Source:  GOP shifts away from payroll tax cut – The Boston Globe.

The title words are part of the post above. It basically give the true meaning of why the Republicans are now against the payroll tax cut that would put an additional $240 billion into the economy. I had a glimmer of hope that we were starting to put this foolishness behind us but I guess that is not the case.

“It’s not going to add any jobs” according to a Utah Senator. I guess that yahoo only believes that tax cuts to millionaires are the ones to create jobs. Give it to the ordinary guy and it, for some reason won’t. If you ask me I would say that the people getting  payroll tax cuts are much more likely to turn around and use the extra money to buy things that they need; the millionaires would just put it in the cash reserves of their favorite money fund.

I’m sure the real reason Republicans are now against payroll tax cuts is because a Democratic president is for them.  They say it will raise the deficit but won’t giving millionaires big tax cuts do the exactly the same thing? Here are some words in the above article that kind of makes sense to me.

Many economists see the payroll tax cuts as a kind of chicken soup remedy for the ailing economy – one that can’t hurt and might help. It could mildly boost the economy by putting extra money into the pockets of employees, with a greater benefit going to low- and middle-income workers.

Yeah, lets give people some chicken soup. It might not totally cure their money problems but it would make them feel good. I’m not one to believe that the government can spend their way out of problems hurting the economy but a little chicken soup can’t hurt.

Come on my Republican friends don’t just be against it because he’s for it.The first thing you should be asking is it good for the country not whether it is good for my political agenda. If you can’t latch on to that idea then we are, and will continue to be, in BIG trouble!!

But what do I know..