My Conservative Friend….

I just visited the blog of one of my Conservative friends. Like so many others he claims he is an independent but everything on his blog  has a VERY right leaning slant. My friend is currently ranting about the Wall Street protests. He claims they are a vast conspiracy with a collective mentality. That is someone other than them is telling them everything to do and say. They have no mind of their own or they wouldn’t be protesting against these things. He evidently has spent hours and hours studying the dialog and transcripts of each the Republican presidential debates and goes into them in long drawn out details on his daily blog.

My Conservative friend’s life seems to be centered around everything political. There seems to be little left for anything else in his life.  He even mentions that he should “get a life” but jokingly admits he can’t help himself or so he says.  The underlying purposes for this fixation seems to be that my friend just can’t stand the idea of anyone getting something they haven’t worked for or haven’t earned. I find this to be a rather frequent case for many with his political leanings. It seems they would rather see fifty families starve rather than allow one person to game the system. What a sad perspective to live life with.  The ironic thing is that between the lines it sounds like my friend is on some sort of disability and is probably receiving some monetary payments in that regard. I’m sure he believes that he is one of the few who actually deserve it.

I have several other Conservative friends who more or less mirror this particular friend’s attitude and behavior and even quite the same rhetoric.  I regrettably admit that I know some people who I am pretty sure are gaming the system. That is they are receiving unemployment benefits without really looking for a job. They are probably receiving food stamps as well.  But I also know many many others who definitely need a hand up in their current situations. It greatly saddens me to see so much need in the world around me.

But what saddens me the most is that there are people who call themselves evangelical Christians who also strictly align to my Conservative friend’s agenda. I as a follower of Jesus Christ read his words almost daily and what I read has nothing to do with keeping people from getting something they don’t deserve or have not worked for. In sentence after sentence of what I read I actually see the opposite: “Do for the least of these or I will not know you”,  “Give someone who asks the shirt off your back”, “blessed are the poor”….

My Conservative friend really does need to take the words seriously to “GET A LIFE”. Being constantly fixated on “what’s mine is mine and keep your hands off it” is a very say and detrimental way to live. I worry about my Conservative friend from time to time. He is going to give himself a heart attack with all the dark feelings he constantly carries around inside him. He really does need to get a life outside his very negative feelings.

But what do I know…..

3 thoughts on “My Conservative Friend….

  1. Yep. A political/philosophical orientation based on anger and stinginess begets an angry and stingy life, IMO. Thus, we have the Tea Party followers who know (quite vociferously) what they are Against, but have little or no direction to offer – other than to have the Government cut back on how much they are taxed. Oh, and how much Affirmative Action has ruined the country (and their exclusive Country Club and/or Fire Hall.). Etc. Etc.

    Lives based on a sense of Scarcity can certainly result in a Life Sense of Scarcity, even in the midst of Plenty. What a shame for your friend. He’s got the Kingdom of Heaven in the middle of his hand, but keeps it imprisoned in a fist.


  2. Does your friend believe the folks who charge the Pentagon $700 for a hammer, or double charge for work never done are gaming the system? Does he believe the investment people who brought our financial system to its knees were gaming the system for personal gain? How about politicians who vote based on how much a company or industry contributes to his campaign?

    I find it fascinating that myopic views of a problem always are short-sighted when looking in one direction only.

    Someone who claims to be a Christian and is OK with the poor and disadvantaged suffering has never read the words of Jesus or understood them, or is actually saved because clearly the Holy Spirit is not working inside them.


  3. Hello Steve and Bob. Yeah you guys know you are “preaching to the choir” here 🙂 (and I love it)!!

    It is hard to talk with “My Conservative Friend” . He rarely seems to listen except to find that very narrow slick that he can attack back on. I don’t comment on his blog much for that very reason. Like the old saying goes “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. We people who practice compassion in our lives have to keep these guys close to us. Jesus says “love your enemies” as well as your friends.


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