My Dog Does Nothing For Political Reasons…..

I love a dog, he does nothing for political reasons. – Will Rogers  — December 3, 1933

It never ceases to amaze me just how much of a sage Will Rogers was!  I know Will was always surrounded by dogs in his life. I also know that I have been surrounded by dogs much of my life. Especially since my marriage of twenty six years ago.  I think there is a TV show entitled “Its Me or the Dog” or something like that. If my wife were to have to make that choice I think it would be the dog instead of me 🙂  But as usual I am getting off track here.

One thing that makes me a dog lover is their unconditional love of their owners.  I don’t like being the center of attention when it comes to most issues but I can’t avoid being the center of attention of my dog Beulah’s life. She is my constant companion; where I go she most often goes with me. To Beulah it doesn’t matter that I am deaf. She has ways to communicate with me that don’t depend on my hearing. The way she wags her tail, the way she uses her nose to nudge me works just fine.  It doesn’t matter them I am a shrinking senior citizen who seems to lose a little more mobility as the days go on; as long as I am able to provide her with the required one or two daily walks she is happy.

But one of the things that I appreciate most, especially in today’s world is that Beulah does nothing for political reasons. It seems like everyone has a political agenda now days. Beulah could care less about such things. Her main concerns are our daily walks to the mail box (I am getting nudged now about that so will have to end this post soon), her afternoon naps where I join her on my/her couch when I can, and of course her evening meal.  Politics are as far from her mind as the man in the moon. Thank you Beulah for taking me out of that world.  Now it is on to the mailbox with Beulah tugging me all the way.