John Boehner: ‘I did everything possible’

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I want to start this post out with a quote from my favorite epistle in the Bible and that is the Book of James

My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, 

Mr. Boehner, and for that matter all the other members of Congress, needs to be quick listen  and slow to speak.  If John was really listening he would know that 77% of his constituents  are in favor of putting the tax rates for the 1% back to where they were before Mr. Bush gutted them. Maybe he is counting on the other 23%  who agree with him to keep him and is friends in office but that is not exactly how a democracy works is it? I’m sure Mr. Boehner is a very well intentioned guy but he needs to get over this fixation with keeping the wealthy among us, well, wealthy.

He says if we raised the tax on the upper 1% back to where it was before 2000 we would be taxing the “jobs makers” and then they would not have enough to hire more workers.  Its been a few years (well actually a lot of years) since I took an economics course but I seem to remember that jobs are created by demand, not out of goodness in the hearts of the 1%.   But, even if I take what he says as true then where are all those new jobs in the last ten years since they got that big tax break?  John, please listen more. With more and more people dropping at or near the poverty line in this country that “demand” is drying up for anything except the very basic necessities.  If there is no discretionary money coming in then it is hard to buy much besides a place to live and some food to eat. Yeah the 1% can occasionally order a new $100,000 car but how many do they really need and even that they are more than likely ordering them from our foreign competitors instead of their fellow citizens.

The mantra of the Republican party  in recent years seems to be “I got mine so screw you”. Maybe John needs to talk to his historian buddy Newt about some history lessons in this area. A couple of hundred years ago the 99% had a solution to the hording 1% in France. It was summed up in four words, “Off with their heads”.  I’ll bet Newt would even charge Mr. Boehner less then the $1 million or so he got from Fanny Mae for that history lesson. But obviously, from his own rhetoric, Newt fails to even listen to himself let alone anyone else. Or maybe he is just playing on the old time statement “Don’t do as I do, but do as I say.” But then again why would I want to do what Newt says?? 🙂

But what do I know…



Last week I used a Will Rogers quote to basically say that if you are satisfied you are successful. But just what is satisfaction?  The first thought I had was the Rolling Stones song, “I can’t get no satisfaction…and I tried, and I tried”. That is kind of the story of my life I guess. I have never seemed to be able to accept the possibility of being satisfied with much of anything. I am always expecting more of myself than I seem to be able , or at least want, to deliver. I just can’t seem to get no satisfaction.

I don’t expect I am much different than many people in that regard. Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means a perfectionist. I am a firm believer in the old saying “you get 80% of the results from 20% of the work”. In that regard I am not one to spend hours and hours doing something when minutes will product almost the same effect. But I am always striving to do better than I am presently seem capable of. That is not a bad thing but it does sometimes limit my feeling of success.

My wife on the other hand seems to be quite satisfied with a very simple life. As long as she has her computer card and board games, her garden, her favorite TV shows, and of course her naps she is satisfied.  Simplicity is the cornerstone of her life. I envy her in that and many other regards.

As for me I am trying and trying to get some satisfaction in the simpler things in life but that is a constant struggle for me. Here I am in my senior years and still can’t seem to decide what I want to do when I grow up.

Forming a New Government….

Greek Leaders Reach Deal to Form a New Government –

This post is not so much about Greece’s problems than it is about forming a new government. Greece, like so many countries before it, is in the process of forming a new government as they lost confidence in the current one. Forming a new government is a more peaceful resolution of a bad situation than an all out revolution that also seems common place today.

Forming a new government sounds like the perfect solution to our present problems here in the U.S.  I wonder how that would work with our form of democracy? With the partisan divide that currently stifled our bringing some level of prosperity to the other 99% of us we it seems we need a new government, the old one seems totally unrepairable!

Let’s investigate just how forming a new government works. Greece is the epitome of democracy so it must have some democratic (with a small “d” for all my Republican friends) principles behind it?

I know we formed a new government the first time by calling a continental congress in Philadelphia. That definitely wouldn’t work this time around for very obvious reasons.  Here is what the folks as WikiAnswers have to say about this topic.  Some of you, heck maybe most of you, will want to just skip this part 🙂

When can the governed form a new government?

Short answer: Whenever.

Longer answer: There are several ways a government can be overthrown, some legal within the particular governments framework, some not. First let us look at the republican democracy in the United States.The US constitution provides a few clues. First, the entire House of Representatives comes up for election every two years, it is possible though unlikely that all of the incumbent members fail to get reelected and a new House is formed. What happens more often is some members do not seek reelection, some fail and some succeed, and the composition of the House changes. In the Senate, one third of the members are elected every two years (remember Senators serve a six year term). This causes a more gradual shift in the composition. Dramatic examples of what can happen can be seen the the 2006 elections where the Democrats took control of both houses and thus all committee seats and in the 1994(?) campaign where the opposite occured. The US executive (President and Vice President) are elected every four years and this change can arguably have more impact than the legislative elections. The constitution also provides for impeachment proceedings, which allows the populace to remove the executive, albeit by proxy through the House and Senate.

Many of the democratic nations use the Westminster system of government, wherin the sovereign (if one exists) or other head of state calls for a parliament to convene. The members of parliament are elected by the populace, the party in the majority then get to form the government. If no majority exists a coalition must be formed. This system can see a much higher rate of change as elections are not on a fixed schedule. Then we have the non-democratic nations. Dictatorships, monarchies, and single-party rule. Peaceful change in these nations is much less likely as the rulers often do not rule with the consent of the governed…. When does it become appropriate for a populace to forcibly change their government? There is no clear cut answer for this, no real benchmark where a person can say “Yep, those are freedomn fighters, not terrorists (or whatever).” … Start out with the Federalist Papers. Ask yourself why did some in the colonial US feel it was appropriate to use arms and violence to establish their own gevernment. Why did others feel that was wrong? Also, read up on the Jeffersonian idea of how the US should be governed, compare that with what Hamilton had to say. and compare both to how it actually turned out. 

Getting those yahoos in Washington to give up some of their power and start acting in a more cooperative seems impossible. Power is mainly what drives Washington these days so letting loose of some of it will take a GIANT  GIANT effort. So short of a wholesale removal of all representatives there is not a lot we can do with our republican (little “r” for all my Democrat friends) form of democracy. Maybe its time to shift to a Westminister system? 🙂

It is obvious from all the polls taking place today that a vast majority of our citizens have  no confidence in our current representative. Why can’t we have a “no confidence” vote in our government like so many others seems to have.  We certainly need it, especially now.

But what do I know….