You Live Longer If You Are Happy….

Source article:  Happy? You May live 35% Longer, Tracking Study Suggests |

Here is an interesting article about happiness. It seems if you are generally happy in life you live longer.

We do know that happiness is associated with an extended life span,” she says. If we can get people to be happier, would that extend the lifespan? We don’t know that yet. Future research can definitely try to show that.”

So happy people live longer. Maybe that is why all the politicians and such are in the business lately of making sure that we are as gloomy as possible. The gloomier we are the less time we will spend collecting Social Security.  I think I have come up with the conspiracy theory of all conspiracy theories!!!


  1. Hi RJ. I’m reading your blog and I realize I’ve been to it before. I can’t remember if I commented or not,but I believe I came upon it during a Google search for Sojourners. So here’s my question relating to happiness. Reading this post, I now am concerned that now my money will run out if I live 35% longer. So I’ve made an equation to figure out how much longer I need to work (WL) to make my happiness length of life (HL) equal my financial assets. (FA). Where HL =1.35x, then if HL>FA, then for HL =FA, does WL = HL – 0.65x?


  2. Hi Eli, I looked it up and you commented in May about being almost Canadian (ha).

    THis is kind of a quanrdy isn’t it. If you are happy you live longer but living longer means you maybe should worry about money running out. Quite a Catch 22.

    I enjoyed algebra when i studied it in high school but that has been fifty years ago and I haven’t had much reason to use it since then (even spending 30 years in the engineering world) (ha). But your formula sounds good to me 😉

    It so happens I visited your blog again yesterday to. I put it in my private blog list so I don’t forget it.


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