Oh Those Theories…..


Course there is one thing about economics and money theories, your theory is always right for it’s never tried. -October 15, 1933 Will Rogers

It seems like all the “smart” guys have theories on how to fix our current economic conditions. That is particularly true of all the Republican candidates for president. They all say “When I’m elected president and am going to institute this and solve all our problems….” Of course what always happens is that all their theories are never actually tried so the Republicans keep pulling them out trying to defeat all those pesky Democrats who do the same thing.

I think Newt Gingrich is probably the master of this kind of thing among the current crop. At least he has been doing it the longest. In the early 1990s he made up this elaborate group of theories about how to solve all our wrongs. He called it the “Contract with America”.  His contract got a lot of attention and even managed to get a change in congress to implement it.  The problem was that none of it was really implementable. It was all just theories.

I kind of got caught up in the latest version of these theories ideas. I’m talking about those from Candidate Obama during the 2008 campaign cycle. He said he was all about “change”. I, like so many others, thought the country was in a serious need for change so his words brought a lot of hope for many of us.  Heck, Indiana where I am from even gave him the majority of votes! To see how extreme this was, Indiana has not been in favor of a Democratic president in many years. They are not in favor of a Democratic anything for the most part.

Anyway we all put our hopes that Mr. Obama’s theories would carry the day. How wrong we proved to be. We were naive enough to think that the party that lost the presidency would go along with things that were for the good of the nation even if they were supported by an opponent president.  I know some of you are saying “how could we have perceived such a situation as we are in right now with pure partisanship?”  Maybe we should be saying “how could we not have perceived it”.

But what do I know….

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