About 2011….

It is time for some year-end meditations. I’m not sure they do any good but at least it gets me to thinking on a higher level once a year. I will start out with a very short list… Read More

Occupy DC??

Will bank branches wither away?

via Will bank branches wither away? – USATODAY.com. In the past year, the number of bank customers who prefer to bank online has jumped sharply, according to a survey conducted in August by the American Bankers Association. Sixty-two… Read More

Just Because You Write a Book…

Source: Ford’s Theatre, citing errors, refuses to carry Bill O’Reilly’s ‘Killing Lincoln’ – CSMonitor.com. Just because you write a book doesn’t mean you are an expert in something. Fox New’s Bill O’Reilly I’m sure has a large following on… Read More

Say It Isn't So….

Source: Cosmic Log – Faster-than-light neutrinos confirmed. Goodbye E=m² !!! It looks like scientists have discovered that matter can travel faster than the speed of light. One of Einstein’s simplest and most dramatic theories postulated that this was impossible…. Read More

I Don't Have Patience for Blah, Blah, Blah….

I will get right to it here. As the title implies I just don’t seem to have any patience for wordy writing or speaking anymore. Maybe I have never had that patience but now I am now old… Read More

Congress prepares for year-end spending and tax cut bazaar

Source: NBC Politics – Congress prepares for year-end spending and tax cut bazaar. Complain if you will about congressional gridlock, but right before the holidays is often when the gridlock eases because everyone is focused on getting out of… Read More

Merry Christmas…

Merry Christmas Everyone . Talk to you again on Monday

Taking Money Out of Social Security

Source: Obama Strikes Populist Chord With Speech in Heartland – NYTimes.com. The most recent proposal by Senate Democrats calls for reducing the share of Social Security payroll tax paid by employees to 3.1 percent from the already reduced level… Read More

Bankers, Lawyers, and Politicians….

The banker, the lawyer, and the politician are still our best bets for a laugh. Audiences haven’t changed at all, and neither has the three above professions. -August 11, 1935  Will Rogers As Will said almost eighty years… Read More

I Have Wondered Who They Are??

I have always wondered who the party faithfuls are.🙂

Comic Books Made Me Who I Am???

Cosmic Log – Bam! How comics teach science. The source article above doesn’t have much to do with this post other than invoking some buried thoughts from my childhood. The comics they talk about in no way resemble… Read More

The Power of Love

Thank you my Quaker brothers and sisters for being the conscience of Christ where so many others won’t.

In Service To Others…..

“Wounding and healing are not opposites. They’re part of the same thing. It is our wounds that enable us to be compassionate with the wounds of others. It is our limitations that make us kind to the limitations… Read More

A Race to the Bottom…

The Republican candidates for President, via their debates, are in a race to the bottom… but that is where their base is. I can’t give you a name to go with this quote but it is a poignant… Read More

Each of Our Deeds…

  “We do not strive for spectacular actions. What counts is the gift of yourself, the degree of love you put into each of your deeds.” – Mother Teresa, from The Love of Christ Almighty God, tear down the walls that… Read More

Iced In….

Here is another of my favorite Cardinal Winter pictures. It was taken in early 2011 during an ice storm. I broke a rib falling on the ice later that day!!

Biggest One Day Gain!!!

  You gotta love all the spin masters on Wall Street these days. I noticed these headline here several times this year. BIGGEST ONE DAY GAIN!!! But what they don’t talk about is that the day before was the… Read More

About Video Sharing….

Source:  Start-ups cue up for mobile video-sharing – USATODAY.com. Texting is so old school according to the latest trends. Video is where it is at today. Here is a quote from the referenced article: The meteoric rise of… Read More

E-Book Readers

I got my hands on a Kindle Touch yesterday so I want to tell you a little about it and why you may want one. No, I’m not getting paid anything from Amazon but I am a regular… Read More

An Investment Strategy No One Talks About….

Source: Wolfram Blog : Stock Market Returns by Presidential Party. The New York Times recently published an “Op-Chart” by Tommy McCall on its Opinion page showing what your returns would have been had you started with $10,000 in 1929… Read More

Will Rogers Quote for the Day

There is nothing as easy as denouncing. . . . It don’t take much to see that something is wrong, but it does take some eyesight to see what will put it right again. -July 28, 1935  Will… Read More

My Anger Obliges Me to Take Action…

  I get a daily email from Sojourners.net containing a verse from the Christian Bible as well as a corresponding quote from someone in today’s world. Here is one I got recently:   “My father . . …. Read More

Way Off The Top…

Here is an anonymous quote I ran across a little while ago. If you give a man a fire, he will be warm for the night. If you set a man on fire, he will be warm the… Read More

Just Practice

I ran across an old saying the other day that goes something like this Your first wife is just practice for the real thing Being that I am now over 65 and have been married to my first… Read More