If People Had Tails….

After my first post of today I need something to take the dark hue off my blog. I don’t want to get known as another gloom and doom site so here goes. 😉

My Basset Hound Beulah’s tail tells me a lot about what she is thinking and how she feels. When she come pouncing into the house with her tail going fifty miles per hour I know she is excited about something she encountered outside.  When her tail is stuffed between her legs I know she is fearful about something. Sometimes she seems to be trying to put on a front and not show her true emotions but I can always tell her real emotions by watching her tail. Even Dexter our cat shows his emotions by his tail.

I got to thinking that if people had tails it sure would be easier to tell what they were really thinking. Wouldn’t it be great to view all these many Republican debates and be able to watch the candidate’s tails as they answered question. I’m sure in many cases their tails would be saying something completely different from their mouths. I wonder what Newt’s tail would say if I were to ask him about going to the hospital where his then current wife (I’m not sure which number she was) who was being treated for cancer and telling her he was going to divorce her and marry his much younger assistant. It would be interesting to watch his tail as he answered that or any of a number of other questions.  I don’t want to be seen as picking on the current front-runner so I would also ask Mitt about just when healthcare for all became a dreaded thing!

I know from my basic anatomy lessons that we people still have tail bones. I wonder when we lost our actual tails? Maybe people losing their tails was an evolutionary thing. We needed to lose our tails so we could get by with some to the sneaky things we do in life.  Almost all the other creatures on earth have tails so why don’t we?

But what do I know….