Bankers, Lawyers, and Politicians….

The banker, the lawyer, and the politician are still our best bets for a laugh. Audiences haven’t changed at all, and neither has the three above professions. -August 11, 1935  Will Rogers

As Will said almost eighty years ago I probably get my best laughs from posts about these three groups. I personally have fairly intimately known at least one person from each of these groups and I must admit I really liked almost all of them 😉   They were all decent and affable people. But the professions in general have a pretty bad PR problem. Another that might be included in this list is used car salesmen. They like the rest of them in this list have a talent for stretching the truth to almost beyond limits.

Many jokes in the past have been about “a priest, a rabbi, and a …” but those are not tolerated anymore so they have been replaced by bankers, lawyers, and politicians. Especially politicians.

But what do I know…

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