Hopes & Dreams For 2012…

Call me a naive optimist if you want but now that we are in a new year here are some things I hope, actually dream, to see in 2012:

From a personal standpoint

  • My wife and I (and for that matter all seniors) maintain our health in the coming year.
  • That I manage to see more of this great country on our vacations this year.
  • That my actions live up to my words in being my brother’s keeper
  • That I find some good projects this year to keep the boredom down πŸ™‚
  • That the words of Will Rogers continues to give me inspiration for this blog
  • That I enjoy life to its fullest (at least given the circumstances) in 2012

From a world/political standpoint

With 2012 being a presidential election year I don’t have much hope in accomplishing anything significant in the political arena. But there are some things that we can dream will occur.

  • Our current political leaders will not do any permanent damage to our democracy.
  • That we move from the edges of our political parties to the center where most of our citizens are.
  • If Mr. Obama is re-elected he is spurred to accomplish some of his rhetoric from 2008.
  • That negative campaigning in 2012 is toned down at least a slight amount (naive dreaming I’m sure)

In General

  • That more Christians get out of their churches and into their communities and be a little more attuned to the words of Jesus about loving each other including the less fortunate among us.
  • That Muslims will be a little more attuned to Allah’s love instead of the hate at the fringes of their religion.
  • That we inch just a little closer to providing healthcare for all in this country, much like it is in the rest of the developed world.
  • That the homeless shelter/soup kitchen where I volunteer manages to get enough donations to stay afloat for another year.
  • That we don’t poke our noses into other countries business this year.
  • That we can become a little less dependent on foreign oil, or any non-renewable resource for that matter. It is time to replace the century old internal combustion engine technology with something greener.

Happy New Years everyone….